NEWSLETTER 2: Scents of July 2014
A refreshing downpour onto warm Bournemouth pavements marked the end of a long dry spell. It was accompanied by that delicious smell which my daughter informs me has a name: 'petrichor'. I looked it up online in Oxford Dictionaries and I quote: Origins: A blend of Petro-  'relating to rocks' (the smell is believed to be caused by a liquid mixture of organic compounds which collects in the ground) and  'ichor'-  the fluid which flows like blood in the veins of the gods (Greek Mythology).
I will ponder all this further...
As some of you know, I have recently finished a residency at Durlston Castle near Swanage. The first series of paintings were suggested by the dense scent and abundance of May blossom on the first still morning as I stepped out of the van to unload. The new page (Residencies) on my website documents this very intense time.
Two weeks later, as I left at the end of the residency, the van was fragrant with the warm Elderflowers I had gathered in the early morning ready for this year's batch of cordial. I will bring some along to the Private View at Petworth. 
A few birthdays have since been celebrated with Elderflower 'champagne':

1 litre chilled soda water
50 ml elderflower cordial
6 shots of vodka
lemon slices

this makes 1.25 litres

Best summer wishes to all my readers.
Here is your invitation to EARTH MATTERS at KEVIS HOUSE GALLERY
12 July until 30 August 2014
As you can see the gallery is open six days a week and there are three opportunities to meet up with me during the show. The catalogue is online.
The coastal paintings and drawings in the show each present a distillation of a particular experience of a specific place. That connection is reinforced by employing the earths and debris from the location within the fabric of the work.

 Kevis House Gallery is a small exhibition space on the ground floor of Kevis House, in Petworth's famous cobbled Lombard Street.
The Gallery is 2 minutes walk from Petworth House, at the Market Square end of Lombard Street, opposite The Hungry Guest Café...
The gallery is run by Hodgson Events whose offices are also in Kevis House. Lucy, Richard and their staff will be delighted to welcome you. Their programme of events include the Works on Paper Art Fair, held at the Science Museum in London each February.
EARTH MATTERS 1: I've just put together this slim publication to complement the exhibition and to offer an insight into the way I've been working along the coastline of Dorset and Devon over one winter (2013-14).  This collection offers glimpses of experience through the finished works but also informally and intimately in sketchbooks and photographs taken at the time.
'The first thing I do when I arrive in a place is to grub around for a palette. I feel and test anything that seems a potential mark-maker- I'm never happier than with clay under my finger nails'.

Order from my website for £21 including p&p within the UK. Please enquire about posting elsewhere.

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Purchase ebook  (£2.49) or pdf (£4.99) from my page on  Blurb.
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