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This week is a sacred time for billions, representing renewal and hope.

Whether or not you're a person of faith, the promise of a new beginning — or just a return to what once was — is probably appealing. It is for me.

Whatever your faith background, it is deeply human to look for sources of light in the darkness, regardless of the source. Below is a collection of thoughts and informed opinions that have been curated to make you think, feel and be inspired.

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P.S. The article we previewed earlier this week that explains how we all can use free and low-cost tech tools to stay virtually connect is published, along with a look at how people of faith are celebrating Easter and Passover during the pandemic.
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Already vulnerable, marginalized communities are being hit hard by the pandemic.
Man in mask

Policy experts are thinking about how adapting our health care system in response to COVID-19 can create improved care that lasts for people with complex needs.

When the world is filled with uncertainty, dreaming about what could be is a powerful tool for change. What world might we dream into being?
Man in hood

The mission-driven work of nonprofits is more essential than ever. Here are nine urgent recommendations the world of philanthropy should heed to immediately help older adults.
Illustration of discrimination

Ageism and ableism have been glaringly exposed during the coronavirus pandemic. How can we push back against it?
neighbors helping neighbors

Last week, we shared tips on creating homemade face masks. You responded by showing us your creations and even modeled a few yourselves. 

Thank you for showcasing your creativity, innovation and how you show up for one another.

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  • Visit for up-to-date information about the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Keep your doctor's phone number handy. If you think you've been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your health care provider.
  • Taking a break from the 24-hour news cycle is a good idea. When you do seek information about the coronavirus outbreak, look to our partners in public media who, like us, exist to serve audiences and not shareholders. Look to PBS NewsHour and NPR. Incredible local coverage is also happening in communities across the country. Identify your local PBS and NPR stations and tune in.

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