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We know that Next Avenue readers feel strongly about medical policies that factor a patient's age into care decisions. That's why we recently published a new piece that explains what "Crisis Standard of Care" means, and why California's version of the guidelines specifically mentions age.

We also share an essay from Kelly Feng, who describes her family's story of survival during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and the historical lessons that can help our communities weather COVID-19 now.

We also share a touching homage to Carl Reiner from one of his relatives, who offers a perspective of the comedy legend few saw. Plus: why Madison Avenue routinely fails in authentically portraying older adults and why COVID-19 is highlighting the need for quality home care.

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COVID-19 Health Rationing: What You Need to Know
What are Crisis Standards of Care, and what happens when a state institutes them? As states begin to implement these, it is important to understand what that may mean for you.  READ MORE
The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic: A Family's History Brings Hope
Living through a pandemic is all-too-familiar for Kelly Feng's family — her father survived it. Her family's story can bring lessons and hope to all of us now.  READ MORE
How Carl Reiner Brought My Father's Voice to Life
"When the comedic genius Carl Reiner died last month at the age of 98, I lost a part of my father I had never heard: His voice." READ MORE
How Ads Do a Terrible Job Portraying Older Adults
The authors of What Retirees Want say ageism isn't just bad for people — it's bad for business. Here's what they say needs to change. READ MORE
A Helping Hand for Family Caregivers
COVID-19 highlights a growing need for home care as some head back to work. READ MORE

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