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Some of Next Avenue's most-read health content has focused on the challenges of menopause. It's a topic that's not discussed nearly enough, but either affects each of us or someone we love. In today's newsletter, a smart neuroscientist shares how some negative aspects of hormonal and metabolic shifts can be alleviated.

Has the pandemic cancelled your favorite adult learning opportunities — or maybe inspired you to pursue them? For you, we offer
an abundance of resources from great organizations that are stepping up to offer virtual classes and distance learning opportunities.

We also share important information about how the pandemic is making food insecurity a very real worry for millions of families and how COVID-19 is making some people rethink their living wills. All that and more, just a scroll away.

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A Neuroscientist's Prescription for a Brain in Menopause
The most well-known changes that come with menopause are unfavorable, but what if we viewed menopause as a pivotal turning point in improving the direction of your life? READ MORE
No Way to Go to Adult Classes? No Problem
With in-person learning opportunities cancelled, organizations are stepping up to provide resources for older adults to continue classes virtually. Here's how the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke University and One Day University are bringing their offerings to you. READ MORE
How COVID-19 Is Impacting Food Insecurity
Since the pandemic began, many people are spending a lot of time worrying about getting groceries. For many, however, the worries exist like never before as families face food insecurity for the first time. READ MORE
'No Intubation' — For Some, COVID-19 Changed Their Living Will
Recently, we shared why intubation may not be the best choice for you should you need it due to the coronavirus. Many older adults have been contemplating this and making firm decisions for their health.  READ MORE
Why Many People Really Start Businesses in Retirement
Self-employment among older workers is a lot more common than we may think. Some workers cite financial necessity as a primary driver, but others continue to work because of a desire to stay active, connect with others or pursue a hobby. Next Avenue spoke to a variety of older workers about the rewards of self-employment. READ MORE

Next Avenue continues to report on what's important to our readers during the coronavirus pandemic. Please visit our special report for all of our articles that address your questions and concerns.

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