Course 3
Complete an Advance Directive
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What’s a Living Will?


Hello and welcome to Course Three, Complete an Advance Directive.

An advance directive is a document stating your preferences regarding medical treatment. There are several types of advance directives, which can get confusing. 

This course is specifically focused on creating an advance directive called a living will.
A living will is the part of the advance directive with all the details about which treatments you do and do not want if you’re unable to speak for yourself. Think of it as a guide for your support team of family, friends and doctors who are caring for you.

This living will document can also include other types of advance directives like a noted medical power of attorney or a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. More on those later.

Why is this necessary?

If you’re signed up for this course, there’s a good chance you already know why advance directives are important.

But as a refresher, here’s why planning ahead via advance directives is important:
    •    They ensure you get the medical care you want

    •    They relieve caregivers of decision-making during crisis and/or grief

    •    They can relieve caregivers of confusion and disagreements

    •    They allow caregivers and doctors to more fully focus on your care

Also: Living wills and advance directives aren’t just for older people. Unexpected emergency medical situations can happen at any age. For example, you or someone you know may have been asked by your doctor to complete one in preparation for surgery.

In this email course, we’ll take you through the decisions a living will requires you to make, and what to consider while making those decisions. Then, we’ll show you how to find your state’s living will form and guide you in completing the process.


See you tomorrow for Lesson Two.

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