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Talking about money is never easy. And talking with your parents about money can be especially tricky. If you're noticing early signs of Alzheimer's or other form of dementia in someone in your life, there's special urgency to having "the talk." In today's newsletter, we share new research and guidance that could help millions of families — maybe even your own.

If the pandemic forced you to cancel a trip, or you're eager to plan a getaway, you'll want to review this expert travel advice about refunds, insurance, staying safe this summer and more.

We also report on what aging well with HIV/AIDS can look like, hearing directly from the first generation of people to grow older with the virus.

Lastly, what has COVID-19 revealed about senior housing? A veteran freelance writer shares her thoughts in a deeply personal essay, informed by her significant other's recent experience in one Louisiana assisted living facility.

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What to Do When a Parent's Cognitive Decline Impairs Money Management
According to recent studies, people in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease face a heightened risk of damaging financial outcomes. What can you do for a loved one if you start noticing the signs? READ MORE

With HIV/AIDS, What Does Successful Aging Look Like?
For someone living with HIV/AIDS, the landscape of the future is very different now than it once was. Researchers are turning their focus to not only aging with HIV/AIDS, but aging successfullyREAD MORE
Best Advice on Cancelling, or Making, Travel Plans Now
Whether you had to cancel a vacation due to the coronavirus pandemic or are itching to plan one, you’re probably buzzing with travel questions. Here's what three experts recommend. READ MORE
OPINION: Senior Housing Needs to Serve Residents Better
Why one author thinks major overhauls need to be made in senior care communities, including tech assistance. While some communities offer these capabilities, many do not.  READ MORE
Looking for Affordable Retirement Options? We Have Solutions
You've probably been dreaming about retirement all your working life. But you may be asking yourself: can you afford to retire in the first place? We have five ideas to make your retirement savings stretch. Sponsored by Acts Retirement-Life Communities. READ MORE
Last week we published information from the Caregiving in the U.S. 2020 report that reveals how caregiving has becoming increasingly complex for many families. As usual, our readers offered smart insights and perspectives. Below are a couple of your comments from our Facebook post:
"Caregiving should be treated by employers no differently then how they treat a parent with a sick child, or baby. My employers' responses to me made everything harder, more stressful. The things said to me, would never have been said if my absence was related to a baby. Although I can definitely say that there’s a lot of room for improvement for working mothers as well. Our society doesn’t really respect caregiving. What is happening in nursing homes with COVID-19 demonstrates the neglect of our elderly in society."
"The physical, mental and financial drain on a sole caregiver in America is beyond comprehension unless you are one. This is the first report close to reality I have seen as an educated 15-year caregiver to both my parents. This country must change its attitude toward the elderly and those sole caregivers who are forced to choose career, money, own health, mental and emotional well-being over patient needs. Many sole caregivers are in survival mode every day of the year."

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