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A Physician Answers 5 Questions About Asymptomatic COVID-19
Preliminary findings suggest many people have been infected with COVID-19 without knowing it. Dr. William Petri runs through what's known and what isn't about asymptomatic cases. READ MORE
COVID-19 Didn't Invent Ageism. But Did It Make It Ok?
First there was "Ok Boomer", then "#boomerremover" — while ageism has been around since before the pandemic, outbursts in social media and health care guidelines from government officials and medical professionals have made these views more public. Experts in aging weigh in on what they think the future holds. READ MORE
During Quarantine, This Couple's Love Song Continues
For Emilio and Deborah Moscoso, music has always been center stage. Both retired opera singers, music has continued to breathe life into their romance, even in difficult times. READ MORE
Declutter Your Home: 10 Things You Can Throw Out Now
For many, clutter is inescapable. Which is why it's important to take time every once in a while to clear things out. Here are 10 things you can get rid of right now. Sponsored by Acts Retirement-Life Communities.  READ MORE
What Do Family Caregivers Need? MIT Asks Them
MIT's AgeLab recently launched its CareHive survey of nonprofessional caregivers — typically family members of loved ones needing assistance. The findings thus far have been enlightening. READ MORE

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Memories of a Sweet Treat With Mom

What to Know About Workplace Safety in the Pandemic


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