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During the current coronavirus pandemic, Next Avenue’s value to readers like you and me has never been clearer. You probably know that our editorial staff is in overdrive, working to deliver trusted, fact-based information and resources designed to help us all remain safe, healthy and emotionally well.

The reason we’re able to quickly identify and meet the information needs of our readers? It’s you, and other readers like you who have donated to help fuel our journalism service that’s helping hundreds of thousands of people navigate an entirely unprecedented period. 

Thank you for your generosity and value you place on Next Avenue’s reporting.

Later today, I’ll be emailing other readers to ask them to make a contribution, if they’re able, that will help sustain our work. First, though, I wanted to email you and express my sincerest gratitude for already supporting our journalism. Your investment is allowing us to do what we do best: investigate and share information on critical issues that are too often marginalized by other media.

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Colleen Wilson
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Colleen Wilson, Vice President of Digital Publishing, Twin Cities PBS
P.S. If you’re inspired to make an additional gift, please do so here. We’re working hard to maintain our service amidst a challenging economic climate and value any extra contribution you’re able to make. Thank you.
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