Play your best literary hand at St. George's quiz night.
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Dear Readers,

Is reading a social activity? Last week, for the first time ever, I found that my Ubahn book (Ray Kurzweil's How to Create a Mind) was sparking conversation among strangers on the UBahn. A number of commuters my age asked if I recommended the book, and were eager to talk about anything I was learning about the brain. Have you ever befriended other Berliners over a shared interest in a particular book?

In keeping with the theme of "social literature," this week's line-up is all about collaboration. Team up with five literary friends for Friday's (all in good fun) literary trivia night at St. George's Bookshop. Or, let your imagination run wild while responding to the newest image on Visual Verse, whose collaborative anthology features poetry and prose inspired by the site's artwork.

Enjoy the warm weather, and please keep referring friends to!

Cheers & Prost,

What is... Shakespeare's Sonnet 76?
Literary Quiz at St. George's Bookshop

On Friday, March 7, at 8pm, St. George's Bookshop will be hosting a literary quiz (conducted in English) on authors and books from around the globe. The 1 Euro entry fee goes into a jackpot for the winners. Compete in teams of five and buy drinks at the bookstore to lubricate your literary memory!

1 Image, 1 Hour, and 500 Words

Submit to the Visual Verse Anthology

Visual Verse publishes original images online and encourages writers to craft a response to these visuals for submission to the Visual Verse anthology. The only rule is that responses must be written in under one hour and cannot contain more than 500 words. Otherwise, anything goes. The goal of the exercise? To let writers 'experience the rush of writing without overthinking' and to celebrate the act of seeing. A new image was just posted this weekend, so head on over!

Quo Vadis, Editorial Design?

The Best of Munich's Editorial Design Conference

This past weekend, designers, journalists, and publishers flocked to Munich to share their latest projects at the annual Quo Vadis, Editorial Design? conference. Highlights from the event - 'image, script, apps, and print' - have been recorded on the QVED blog, which is your destination for discovering trending magazines at the intersection of editorial and design. (Text is in German, but Google Translate gives a strong English version.)

Job Posting: Earn Money Writing

Offtime Seeks Intern to Write Copy & Content

In a world dominated by iPhones, Kindles, and Macbooks, Offtime helps people unplug and manage their device time. The company is seeking a Marketing Intern to write copy and to conceptualize and implement online marketing campaigns. More info here.
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