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JustOne Medway
with evangelist Canon J. John

Saturday 9th June 2018
Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham
Leaders Launch
with J.John

at Priestfield Stadium
Tuesday 17th January 2017
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Thank you so much for your continued support for Harriet and Jimmy.  They are both doing well in their studies by God’s grace.  We have also been able to provide a new laptop for one of widow Nighty Opio’s daughters who has gained a scholarship to study Quantity Surveying at Makerere University in Kampala. What seems little to you is huge to someone else.  God bless you all who continue to care and provide for those you will never meet or even hear from in this life.  But wait for it …!  Please pray for them - both their families are in Kiryandongo (see below).

Stop press ...

Tragically we have just received news that there is severe famine in Kiryandongo.  There has been no rain for months.  Grace Ageno, eldest daughter of widow Nighty Opio writes: “Pray for us.  There is no food together with scarcity of money, strong sunshine and we are worried.”  Milton Ogwal, our partner in Uganda says, “There is serious lack of food in the Uganda Northern badly.  Nighty of Kiryandongo has no food at all...really it is bad.”  Grace posted on Facebook: “I never knew the world is a dangerous place to live in.  God please be the centre. Otherwise death is nearing.”  We have of course sent money for food from elsewhere to help as best we can via Milton. In reply he says, "There is no food (in Kiryandongo District) till March or April (2017), but this will go a long way." Please pray.



For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth.   3 John 1.7-8

The Director has no personal financial support.  If you would like to support him, please designate "Director" when you donate, or contact  God bless you as you consider this.


To be honest, as the Director cannot travel at the moment for health reasons most of our work is focused locally, apart from the teaching materials and messages of encouragements blogged every week on our Friends of Inn Facebook page.  Our burden remains to bring the church to recognise, respect and honour its many varied parts.  Sadly this is a hard task as most congregations remain limited in their mind-sets to their own experiences, understanding of God, and comfort zones.  But we press on, calling Senior  Ministers and Key Leaders to pray together every other month, and all believers to pray three times a year for the welfare of the city, the health of the church and care for the disadvantaged, downcast and marginalised .  The majority of leaders are “too busy” or have “other commitments”, but nevertheless prayer is made regularly.  At least 450 gathered in Rochester Cathedral for our annual gathering “Saints Alive” on 31st October again this year to pray, praise and declare the Lordship and ultimate authority of Jesus Christ over these towns built on the river Medway estuary.

WE CAN Sing UK joint choirs - Medway, Maidstone and Iwade - at Saints Alive 2016 - 'We Can Sing' Video. You can also visit their website HERE.

In his capacity as the Chaplain to the Mayor of Medway this year the Director is invited to speak to and pray for the full Council at every meeting held.  He also gets to lead prayer in many often unknown gatherings, such as the Admiralty Court, which has met every year since 1446, as the Mayor is the Admiral of the River Medway.  Recently he led prayers of repentance and reconciliation at the Memorial Service of French prisoners of war who died in prison ships in the River Medway at Chatham during the Napoleonic war in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  A very grim period in our history highlighting man’s inhumanity to man.
As Chairman of Churches Together in Medway the Director will be involved in bringing evangelist Canon J. John to Priestfield Stadium, home of Gillingham Football Club, on Saturday 9th June 2018.  The event is known as “JustOne Medway” and will follow the lines of “JustOne” at the Emirates Stadium next year (  If you are in church leadership please come to the Leaders Launch at Priestfield Stadium on Tuesday 17 January 2017, 10.30am - 12.30pm (INVITATION).  If you are not in church leadership, please pass on the invitation to your Leadership Team.
Coming soon ...
Following on the release of the third album of songs of Peter Marchand, “I’ll Never Let You Down”, a short biography is being published for an overseas readership by request from India.  It will be translated into Telugu and Portugese.  It has already been produced in Hindi.  Please pray that it will reach all for whom it is destined.
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December 2016 - February 2017
“No prayer falls on deaf ears.”  Anon.
Day 1    Finance, accounts and administration: Gillian Marchand
Day 2    Patron: Jean Darnall, Jean Darnall Ministries
Day 3    All Inn-tercessors, sponsors and donors
Day 4    Voluntary Staff member: Evelyn Kusi; husband Emmanuel; sons Emmanuel, Michael and Captain
Day 5    Trustee: Duncan Cawte, Hillsong Church UK - Kent
Day 6    Inn CM: communications, publicity and social media
Day 7    Future: focus, identity, connections and relationships
Day 8    Virtual VOICE: weekly social media posts; members
Day 9    Publishing of biography: Sidney Sanni
Day 10  Kent Christian Radio: Allen Joe Opoku
Day 11 Further funding for growth, development and expansion
Day 12 Supporting church: Chatham Evangelical Church (AoG)
Day 13 Director: Peter Marchand: vision, finance, health; future
Day 14 Uganda Team member: Sarah (married 26th Nov 2016)
Day 15 Uganda orphan/student: Chosen Jane Peace, Makerere
Day 16 Austin Smith: social media for Inn CM and CTIM website
Day 17 Uganda partner: Milton Ogwal, VOM
Day 18 Ugandan students: Harriet Oyella Adao; Jimmy Obang
Day 19 Kiryandongo District: famine
Day 20 Uganda church network: Kigumba Elders Fellowship
Day 21 Uganda church plant: Celebration Church, Agwata
Day 22 India partner: Suresh Vemulapalli, India Village Ministries; Roja, Swithin and Sophie
Day 23 IVM church: Raparla; Jaya Paul
Day 24 India Village Ministries: Pastors and Evangelists
Day 25 Brazil partner: Roberto Araújo, Katy, Benjamin & Isaac
Day 26 CTIM: Member churches and organisations; Executive Committee; Chairman, Peter Marchand
Day 27 CTIM Ministers’ and Leaders’ Breakfasts and Prayer times; Medway Ministers’ Group: vision, purpose and identity
Day 28 Future events: JustOne Medway - Kent Leaders Launch
Day 29 Ghana partner: Kojo Kyeremateng, Akua, Ama, Nana Yaa, Kwame
Day 30 Medway Council: Neil Davies, Chief Executive
Day 31 Local Member of Parliament: Kelly Tolhurst, Rochester and Strood

Rev. Dr. Canon Philip Hesketh, Dean, Rochester Cathedral
Rev. Peter Marchand, Chair, CTIM
Ps Stephen Bello, Vice-chair elect, CTIM
Saints Alive congregation
Canon J. John, Evangelist

Relevant  Question

Did Joseph want to “lie with” Potiphar’s wife?


Peter replies with relevant answer

I get asked a lot of predicable questions - fair enough, goes with the territory.  But this one took me by surprise.  Good question—thank you, Sir!  Hmmm… guess we’ll only find out the real answer in Glory.  But let’s have a stab at it. The bloke in me says, “Come on, man, he was a young virile guy - what do you think?  Be honest!”  Ladspeak for “Of course he did, in the natural….unless she was grotesquely unattractive.”  But then he was a man of profound integrity even at an early age, and though the apostle Paul was yet to walk this earth and the canon of the New Testament was a long way off being written, Joseph was well aware, it seems to me, of the war that rages between the flesh and the spirit. He knew that it was wrong to turn his ‘freedom’ - i.e total responsibility over everything except his master’s wife - into “an opportunity for the flesh” and that it was right “through love to serve (his master) faithfully” (Galatians 5.13).

Why have I chosen this as the question to answer this time? Quite simply because one in two (=50%) churchgoers is actively involved in internet porn (Chuck Swindoll, Getting Through The Tough Stuff).  “Oh yeah,” I hear you say, “that’s in America.” Ok check out the figures in UK for yourself!  Temptation is a fact of life, for followers of Jesus Christ and for those who don’t know Him or who do but choose not to follow Him.  Two pastors were walking one glorious sunny morning along a sandy beach in California.  A couple of attractive girls in bikinis came walking towards them in the opposite direction.  Once they had passed, one pastor said to the other,. “My, isn’t God a wonderful Creator?!”  Look, we all have a choice, as did Joseph, when faced with temptation, whether to present our members as instruments of righteousness or of unrighteousness.  Our call. (Romans 6.13).  So the answer to the question is ... “Probably.”







Peter Marchand


Duncan Cawte
David Hadlum
Edward Wright


Milton Ogwal, Uganda
Suresh Vemulapalli, India
Kojo Kyeramateng, Ghana
Roberto Araújo, Brazil



Reinhard Bonnke: Christ For All Nations

Dave Bilbrough: Songwriter/Worship Leader

Peter Brierley: Brierley Consultancy

Jean Darnall: Jean Darnall Ministries

Roger Forster: Ichthus Christian Fellowship



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