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Soon to be released - as printed book, eBook and CD

"Faith in Action" - A Short Biography, by Peter G.W. Marchand.

Celebrating 25 years of Inn Christian Ministries


Harriet and Jimmy have both received good grades after their first exams.  They are both doing well in their studies by God’s grace.  Sadly Jimmy’s father recently passed away so our prayers are with him and the entire family. God bless you all who continue to care and provide. Please pray for them.

The proposed ministry trip to Brazil is still on hold, but being planned now for early next year 2018.




For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth.   3 John 1.7-8

The Director has no personal financial support.  If you would like to support him, please designate "Director" when you donate, or contact  God bless you as you consider this.


JustOne - with J.John - at Priestfield Stadium
The Leaders Launch at Priestfield Stadium on Tuesday 17 January 2017 went ahead well, with around 100 church leaders from across Kent in attendance. The Director will be involved as Chairman of the Steering Group in bringing evangelist Canon J. John to Priestfield Stadium, home of Gillingham Football Club, on Saturday 9th June 2018, with the possibility as well of a spectacular Christmas Carol Service in December later that  year, also at the stadium with J.John as the principal speaker.
Medway School of Christian Thinking and Debate
We have been approached with a view to establishing a “School of Tyrannus”, for want of a better name, in Medway as there is no centre for Christian thinking and theological debate locally or indeed in the county of Kent.  For such one must study online or travel to London as the nearest.  The proposal would be to write course materials and then teach them on a weekly basis.

Topics would include, for example

  • God – Triunity, immanence and transcendence.
  • Humanity - Sin and the nature of man.
  • The doctrine of Christ – The Person and work, deity, incarnation, unity.
  • The Holy Spirit – Person and work.
  • Salvation – Atonement, justification, forgiveness, sanctification, grace.

Occasional days would also be set aside to host a key national or international speaker to help us wrestle with some of the major issues facing Christians currently.  Much needs to be thought and planned through, but do please pray for this new initiative.
Coming soon
As can be seen from the top picture, the Director’s short bio-graphy is close to being published, together with an audio version and CD.  It will be available on Amazon. The Portugese translation is currently being worked on for distribution in Brazil.  The publisher has changed the title of the book to “Faith In Action”Please pray that it will reach all for whom it is destined.

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Every week we post a short devotional word of teaching and encouragement early on a Wednesday morning.  These can be accessed by clicking the following links:

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March - June 2017
“The prayer of the upright is His delight.” Proverbs 15.8
Day 1    Finance, accounts and administration: Gillian Marchand
Day 2    Patron: evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, CfaN
Day 3    All Inn-tercessors, sponsors and donors
Day 4    Voluntary Staff member: Evelyn Kusi; husband Emmanuel; sons Emmanuel, Michael and Captain
Day 5    Trustee: Edward Wright, St George's CofE, Wrotham
Day 6    Inn CM: communications, publicity and social media
Day 7    Future: focus, identity, connections and relationships
Day 8    Virtual VOICE: weekly social media posts; members
Day 9    Biography publisher: Sidney Sanni
Day 10  Portugese translation of biography: Marta Peixoto
Day 11  Further funding for growth, development and expansion
Day 12  Supporting church: Gillingham United Reformed Church
Day 13  Director: Peter Marchand: vision, finance, health; future
Day 14  Uganda Team member: Caxton Dennis, evangelist
Day 15  Uganda orphan/student: David (Nighty Opio)
Day 16  Austin Smith: social media for Inn CM and CTIM web
Day 17  Uganda partner: Milton Ogwal, VOM
Day 18  Ugandan students: Harriet Adao; Jimmy Obang
Day 19  Medway School of Tyrannus: Adrian Tamblyn-Watts
Day 20  Uganda church network: Alebtong Leaders Fellowship;  Ps Isaiah; Washington
Day 21  Uganda church plant: Baramindyang, VOM
Day 22  India partner: Suresh Vemulapalli, India Village
Ministries; Roja, Swithin and Sophie
Day 23  IVM church: Ravivari Palem; Mrs Kumari
Day 24  India Village Ministries: Children’s Home; Boys Dormi- tory
Day 25  Brazil partner: Roberto Araújo, Katy, Benjamin & Isaac
Day 26  CTIM: Member churches and organisations; Executive Committee; Chairman, Peter Marchand
Day 27  CTIM Ministers’ and Leaders’ Breakfasts and Prayer times; Medway Ministers’ Group: vision, purpose
Day 28  Future events: JustOne Medway Steering Group
Day 29  Ghana partner: Kojo Kyeremateng, Akua, Ama, Nana Yaa, Kwame
Day 30  Medway Council: Cllr Trevor Clarke
Day 31  Local Member of Parliament: Tracey Crouch, Chatham and Aylesford; Minister for Sport, Tourism and Heritage


Senior Church Ministers in Medway together in prayer for the city, Ithamar Chapel, Rochester Cathedral Crypt - January 2017
Rochester Cathedral, and the Great Lines 'high place' overlooking Medway
In Brazil
Uganda crusade
Canon J. John, Evangelist

Relevant  Question

Should we ‘rubbish’ elected leaders?



Peter replies with relevant answer

Well, I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know where that one’s coming from!  The apostle Paul wrote these words to his young apprentice Timothy, “O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you…” (1 Timothy 6.20).  Ministers of the state or of the gospel have been entrusted by God and people with the welfare of the citizens within their sphere of responsibility, locally or nationally.  They should therefore reasonably be expected and endeavour to guard what has been entrusted to them.  A very rich man bought his dream car.  He was wealthy enough to employ a chauffeur.  He advertised, and shortlisted three candidates. Interview and appointment day came.  He took all three, and the car to a prestigious cliff edge.  He gave the keys to the first candidate.  “Drive my car along the edge of this cliff.”  The man confidently took the keys, and drove the car to within three meters of the cliff edge.  Then carefully and cautiously he caressed the side of the deep drop in the beautiful car.  Satisfied with his performance he returned the car for the next candidate to drive.  Without hesitation, the second candidate took the car to within just one single meter of the cliff edge, drove it slowly and perfectly along, and returned the keys, assured of success. Candidate number three was not hassled.  He took the keys, and drove the car carefully twenty metres from the cliff edge, and returned it.  Decision time. “The job as my personal chauffeur goes to … candidate number three. I don’t want anyone taking risks with my car.” The office with which anyone, civic or religious, has been entrusted must be guarded well, as must their heart (Proverbs 4.23). Warren G. Harding said, “Our most dangerous tendency is to expect too  much of government, and at the same time do too little for it.”  Political partisanship may persuade us to ‘rubbish’ an elected leader, but Scripture urges us to pray for them (1 Timothy 2.1).









Peter Marchand


Duncan Cawte
David Hadlum
Edward Wright


Milton Ogwal, Uganda
Suresh Vemulapalli, India
Kojo Kyeramateng, Ghana
Roberto Araújo, Brazil



Reinhard Bonnke: Christ For All Nations

Dave Bilbrough: Songwriter/Worship Leader

Peter Brierley: Brierley Consultancy

Jean Darnall: Jean Darnall Ministries

Roger Forster: Ichthus Christian Fellowship



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