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Taking questions at Open Forum in Anapolis


Ministry Trip Report: 25th March-14th April 2015
Goiás State, Brazil by Director Peter Marchand.

This was our second ministry trip to Brazil by invitation, building upon relationships formed in 2013. We opened with ministry at the Vineyard Church in Brasilia, followed by an adopted church there. From there we went to take a few days break in a rustic historical town, Pirenopolis, but found I was preaching in two churches there, with a  request to return and speak in another church, and a  Pastors and Leaders gathering the following week.  Great to be wherever, and God blessed marvelously.

Probably the highlight was the climax of a large church’s annual Missions Conference in Goiânia, where I spoke on Easter Saturday evening and Easter Sunday morning. It is a numerically large church of over 1000 members, with many church plants in Brazil and other parts of the world. Great honour to be part of that!

The remainder of the trip went well, but inexperience on the part of the organizers meant that attendance at the  final weekend Conference was poor. So the programme was rescheduled and we concluded in a large Assemblies  of God church in Goiânia—I felt a bit like an intruder, but people came forward for salvation so heaven was rejoicing, even if I was a bit confused! (And they asked me back!). Another good moment was an unscheduled visit to the second largest university in Brazil, Pontifícia  Universidade Católica de Goiás, where we met with  students (see image at top). There was a strong urgency from each place for me to return this year, but I offered July 2016. We visited churches in three cities and one town.

Thanks so much to all who financed and prayed for this trip - You made a good investment!

Easter Sunday morning after I preached on the blood of Jesus - 'Livre! Livre! Freedom! Freedom!'

At Missions Conference

Forthcoming Ministry trips
  • 3rd-16th December: Andhra Pradesh, India, with India Village Ministries. CANCELLED by IVM due to their already busy Christmas programme
  • 14th—30th January 2016: northern Uganda. Gospel Crusade and Pastors and Leaders Convention
  • July 2016: Goiás State, Brazil

Any financial assistance with these ministry trips is most welcome as we fund them all. God bless you!

For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth.   3 John 1.7-8

Director's Health...

Well now I know and want to share because many of you stood with me back in 2007. The prostate cancer has returned and spread a little to a lymph node. They can't do more radiation treatment but will reduce enlarged prostate in an operation and then treat with drugs.

Psalm 118.17 remains as true today as in 2007 and ever since it was first written - "I will not die, but live to declare the works of the Lord." Let's stand and fight together again in spirit and prayer even if not in person. Just another mountain to climb and another giant to kill. God is able and willing ... the power of His blood never runs dry.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Any prayers, great or small, of any shape, style, length, depth or breadth, at any time or in any place, in any language or just a groan, random, haphazard or carefully crafted and stylishly delivered, impromptu or read from a book, are all welcome and heap up as a memorial before the throne of grace (Acts 10.31). I remain largely housebound at the moment, but am improving.

Thanks, and God bless you! 

Peter Marchand, Director

Social Media...

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June to August 2015

“Rich is the person who has a praying friend.”
Janice Hughes

Day 1 Finance, accounts and administration: Gillian Marchand
Day 2 Patron: Dave Bilbrough, international sing/songwriter
Day 3 All Inn-tercessors, sponsors and donors
Day 4 Voluntary Staff member: Evelyn Kusi; husband Emmanuel, and twins Emmanuel and Michael
Day 5 Trustee: Duncan Cawte, Hillsong London/Kent
Day 6 Inn CM: communications, publicity and social media
Day 7 Future: focus, identity, connections and relationships
Day 8 Virtual VOICE: weekly social media posts
Day 9 Uganda Ministry Trip January 2015: lasting fruit
Day 10 Brazil Ministry Trip March/April 2015: lasting fruit
Day 11 Further funding for growth, development and expansion
Day 12 Supporting church: St Helen’s CoE, Cliffe, Rochester
Day 13 Director: Peter Marchand: vision, finance, health; future
Day 14 Uganda Team member: Richard Ogweng, leader
Day 15 Radio Kiryandongo FM
Day 16 Gordon Watson: social media for Inn CM and CTIM
Day 17 Uganda partner: Milton Ogwal, Born Again Faith/VOM
Day 18 Ugandan widow and orphans: Nighty Opio, Jane, Barbara, David (Michael, Grace)
Day 19 Ugandan student: Walter Olima - employment/future studies
Day 20 Uganda church network: Kigumba Elders Fellowship
Day 21 Uganda church plant: Baramindyang (VOM)
Day 22 India partner: Suresh Vemulapalli, India Village Ministries; Roja, Swithin and Sophie
Day 23 IVM church: Daliparru; Mrs Kasthuri
Day 24 India Village Ministries: Children’s Home - funds for boys dormitory
Day 25 Brazil partner: Roberto Araújo, Katy, Benjamin
Day 26 CTIM: Member churches and organisations; Executive Committee; Chairman: Peter Marchand
Day 27 CTIM Ministers and Leaders Breakfasts and Prayer
times; Prayer for Medway; ‘Saints Alive’ preparation
Day 28 Medway Ministers Group: mutual honouring and support
Day 29 Ghana partner: Kojo Kyeremateng, Akua, Ama, Nana Yaa, Kwame
Day 30 Medway Council: Cllr Alan Jarrett, new Leader
Day 31 Local Member of Parliament: Kelly Tolhurst, Rochester and Strood

With University students in Goiania

Relevant question...

Why go to Brazil? Haven’t they heard about Christ there?

Peter replies with a relevant answer...

Strange question… as, apart from football, probably the best known feature of Brazil is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro! Yes, of course they have heard of Christ in Brazil. But believers in  Brazil are like believers the world over - they need and want encouragement and teaching, as well as the gospel preached in a different way to what they are accustomed. There is a special spiritual dynamic released when God sends, and a person goes and is received. Firstly, there is always a heightened prayer backing from both countries.

Although people are praying all the time, with a Ministry Trip it intensifies. We certainly notice the change when we return!

Secondly, although God is also with us all the time, and Jesus is present when two or more gather in His name, nevertheless He sends someone because that person is carrying something from Him that is not already there - otherwise there would be no need to send someone! Inevitably something special and different will   occur. Jesus said, “He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.” (Matthew 10.40)

Whether it is across the nations, the denominations or the generations, God still sends people to “complete what is lacking in your faith” (1 Thessalonians 3.10).

Always special times!
Transport in Brazil

(click on image to see full-size)
Gillian Marchand speaking on Education in the Kingdom of God with our partner Roberto Araujo

(click on image to see full-size)
Road maintenance in Brazil!

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The power of the Holy Spirit

(click on image to see full-size)
Churches Together in Medway


Peter Marchand


Duncan Cawte
David Hadlum
Edward Wright


Milton Ogwal, Uganda
Suresh Vemulapalli, India
Kojo Kyeramateng, Ghana
Roberto Araújo, Brazil



Reinhard Bonnke: Christ For All Nations

Dave Bilbrough: Songwriter/Worship Leader

Peter Brierley: Brierley Consultancy

Jean Darnall: Jean Darnall Ministries

Roger Forster: Ichthus Christian Fellowship



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