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Call For God's Favour 
The tug boat that carried 60 intercessors on five consecutive trips on the River Medway, calling down God's favour on the Medway Towns for 7 1/2 hours on Saturday 2nd July 2016.


It was wonderful to celebrate our 25th Anniversary on Sunday 5th June.  We were pleased to be able to present the 3rd album of songs written and performed by Director Peter Marchand— “I’ll Never Let You Down.”  Tributes and testimonies came in from all over the world, many of which were read aloud.  We thank God for “never letting us down” in all these 25 years, and appreciate all who sent greetings and/or attended the Thanksgiving Service.  It is impossible to quantify the work of God, but a brief summary can be found here.
Thank you to all of you who kindly gave Anniversary Gifts—as always, 100% goes to the ministry, no personal support is taken unless specifically designated. Inn CM has always been a faith ministry and once again God has “never let us down”!


Harriet is continuing her Certificate in General Nursing and Mid-wifery, a two and a half year course. Please pray for her and help us to support her financially if you can. We are covering the full cost of her fees and upkeep.  Obang Jimmy Erem has commenced studies for the Diploma in Theology in Kampala.  We will provide for him also in this respect as best we can.  Please pray for him and help us if you can.


For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth.   3 John 1.7-8


Virtually all our time and energy has been taken up overseeing and co-ordinating a three part event for Churches Together in Medway entitled #CelebrateMedway.  Firstly there was an evening of crying out to God for His mercy on our city.  Then during the morning and early afternoon there were prayer boats trips up the river Medway from which we derive our name.  These were not pleasure trips, but times of intense prayer accompanied by praise, for the key landmarks we passed.  Other craft on the water were somewhat surprised by these unusual crews and their antics! 

Meanwhile on land two prayer walks took place along the banks of the river, in opposite directions as we called upon God for His favour.  Then it all culminated at an iconic Grade II listed church building overlooking the river - the Abundant Life Arena - now being restored and used once again for the praise and worship of God (The author Charles Dickens used to sit and ponder in its pews, and a number of names in his novels can in fact be found on tombstones in the graveyard). Here in the lovely gardens we just celebrated God’s goodness with live music from local Christian bands, a newly formed Community Choir, a West End singer who lives and worships locally, presentations and displays from numerous inter-church organisations serving the community, together with fun activities for the children and a hog roast for the hungry. The Mayor, one of our MPs, Councillors, and a Police Inspector joined the celebrations.   Here are just a couple of reports

One Day in July

What a truly amazing day!  God was called upon for 12 consecutive hours.  And oh boy!! Did He ever show up…?
After the prayer meeting on 20th June the day finally came with preparations starting early and the bunting flying high.

The prayer walks and boat trips down the river got underway and were extremely well attended so God moved through His people on land and water.
The main event started at 4pm, and the rain was not going to stop the day, as we carried on.
Take a look at the photos on the #CelebrateMedway FaceBook page.

                      Boat trip 2nd July 2016

We took our prayers and scattered them on water
We sang our songs and held our hands up high
And God, He looked down on his sons and daughters
From way above the clouds up in the sky
And through the waves our little boat went forward
Carried our praise to Jesus whom we love
And we all knew that every prayer, the Lord would
Bless from way above
We saw the docks and buildings in the distance
The great Cathedral with its steeple, high
But we all knew our very own existence
Depended on our God above on high
And so we sent our prayers across the water
And asked the Lord for healing in our land
And He looked down on every son and daughter
And touched us with his hand
And now empowered by His Holy Spirit
He led us on to sing and praise His name
Upon the wind so everyone could hear it
So every town would never be the same
And then we praised the Lord above the waters,
The sea, the land and way above the sky
The God who’s word is truth and never falters
Our God who lives on high!
And still we praise the Lord above the waters,
The sea, the land and way above the sky
The God who’s word is truth and never falters
Our God who lives on high!
Wendy Jane Hyland

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September - November 2016
“He (God) wishes to bless people … through others, primarily as they pray.” Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Patron

Day 1     Finance, accounts and administration: Gillian Marchand
Day 2     Patron: Roger Forster, Ichthus Christian Fellowship
Day 3     All Inn-tercessors, sponsors and donors
Day 4     Voluntary Staff member: Evelyn Kusi; husband
              Emmanuel, and twins Emmanuel and Michael
Day 5     Trustee: David Hadlum, Chatham Evangelical Church
Day 6     Inn CM: communications, publicity and social media
Day 7     Future: focus, identity, connections and relationships
Day 8     Virtual VOICE: weekly social media posts; members
Day 9     Thanking God for 25 years of this ministry
Day 10   All souls saved, orphans educated, leaders trained, events held
Day 11   Further funding for growth, development and expansion
Day 12   Supporting church: Kings Church Gillingham
Day 13   Director: Peter Marchand: vision, finance, health; future
Day 14   Uganda Team member: Richard Ogweng
Day 15   Uganda student: Obang Jimmy, Kigumba Power of Jesus Around the World
Day 16   Austin Smith: social media for Inn CM and CTIM web
Day 17   Uganda partner: Milton Ogwal, VOM
Day 18   Ugandan student: Harriet Oyella Adao
Day 19   Radio Kiryandongo FM
Day 20   Uganda church network: Power of Jesus Around the World; Ps Sevi Ebilo
Day 21   Uganda church plant: All Nations, Amugu
Day 22   India partner: Suresh Vemulapalli, India Village
              Ministries; Roja, Swithin and Sophie
Day 23   IVM church: Avanigadda; Vijaya Kumar
Day 24   India Village Ministries: Trustees, donors, supporters
Day 25   Brazil partner: Roberto Araújo, Katy, Benjamin & Isaac
Day 26   CTIM: Member churches and organisations; Executive Committee; Chairman, Peter    
Day 27   CTIM Ministers’ and Leaders’ Breakfasts and Prayer   times; thanks for success of  
              summer event: #CelebrateMedway; future event/s: “Saints Alive"
Day 28   Medway Ministers’ Group: vision, purpose, identity
Day 29   Ghana partner: Kojo Kyeremateng, Akua, Ama, Nana Yaa, Kwame
Day 30   Medway Council: Cllr Gloria Opara, Deputy Mayor of Medway
Day 31   Local Member of Parliament: Rehman Chishti,
              Gillingham and Rainham

Rev. Edward Wright, Trustee.
#CelebrateMedway, special guests
Rev. Peter Marchand, Director with Rehman Chishti, MP for Gillingham and Rainham
Austin Smith, Music Director #CelebrateMedway
'Medway Can Sing' Community Choir

Relevant  Question

Should church and church mix?


Peter replies with relevant answer

Hahaha!  Nice one!  I’ll start by replying with another - “Why should church and church NOT mix?”  Most readers of this column will be all too familiar with the injunctions to “be one”. 
We know so well Jesus’ High Priestly prayer found in John 17.  Most of us can quote Psalm 133 by heart, and even if we have forgotten which Psalm it is we know how to complete the words “How blessed it is when brethren … “ And I think that’s the problem - familiarity.  Familiarity with well-worn Scriptures and well-worn church practices. 

Try bringing Christians together and you’re on an uphill path.  Believe me, I have battled at it for 36 years.  And the excuses - for that is what they are - beggar belief.  What in fact lies behind the disunity of the Christian church is arrogance and insecurity, especially on the part of its leaders. So many seem to think they have a monopoly on the understanding of the word of God (logos or rhema), and are going to jealously safe-guard it as good stewards at all cost, come what may. 

Others are so insecure  and lacking in confidence in their knowledge of and relationship to Jesus that  they fear that mixing with anyone with a slightly different understanding or experience of the Saviour will somehow taint them and jeopardise their endeavours to attain personal holiness.  Oh dear oh dear oh dear!  And then there is simply basic laziness, or alternatively work overload.  I call it “koinonitis” - so many church meetings and activities that you are essentially paralysed on your own ecclesiastical pallet. 

If I were to identify the three greatest enemies of the church they would be the spirits of pride (the antithesis to the Spirit of Jesus), independence (in total defiance of the call and command of Scripture) and competitiveness.  Should church and church mix? No! Congregation and congregation should mix? Yes! Because there is only one church.



Peter Marchand


Duncan Cawte
David Hadlum
Edward Wright


Milton Ogwal, Uganda
Suresh Vemulapalli, India
Kojo Kyeramateng, Ghana
Roberto Araújo, Brazil



Reinhard Bonnke: Christ For All Nations

Dave Bilbrough: Songwriter/Worship Leader

Peter Brierley: Brierley Consultancy

Jean Darnall: Jean Darnall Ministries

Roger Forster: Ichthus Christian Fellowship



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