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Golden Candle Church, Puritigadda, Andhra Pradesh, India
14th September 2014


11th-24th September Andhra Pradesh, India
REPORT by Peter Marchand, Director

This Ministry Trip, the sixth we have undertaken with India Village Ministries at their invitation, was completed successfully.

We visited and I preached in six different village churches, the IVM Children’s Home where there are currently 57 young people, as well as spending two consecutive days teaching and encouraging many of the pastors and leaders.

Notable this time was the attendance of non-church people in some of the Services – in fact, in nearly every place where we preached the gospel there were visitors present. Remember too that every Service is broadcast loudly and clearly, so the entire village and neighbourhood come under the sound of the gospel.

Personally I found the warmth of the love, affection and appreciation of those we have visited regularly over the 12 years to be most touching. Outstanding was to preach in a beautiful church building, filled with people, within 5 metres of the very ground where in 2002 I first preached the gospel in that particular village.

From a bumpy, dusty track, with one light and a rickety table under a tarpaulin, to a tarmac road, a solid brick spacious church building full of believers, cared for and looked after by a full-time pastor from that very village, whose vision it was to establish a church there – God is faithful and His word never returns to Him without accomplishing His intended purpose. The gospel will always be the power of God for salvation (Romans 1.16). That village now has a permanent witness until Jesus comes.

So, job done, mission accomplished and more seeds sown. We thank God for health and strength at all times throughout, and for His provision and protection. God bless all of you who stood with us – to God be the glory!
The whole programme was fully funded by your gifts. We
thank God for your faithfulness and generosity, for those who give regularly, and those who are moved to make a one-off donation.

Also special thanks to our dedicated fund-raisers, George
and Pete Marchand who both completed the Bristol Half-
Marathon whilst I was in India. It means so much to the Conferences and Churches when we relay what people in UK do for them to be ministered to. Always we are asked to send their love and greetings and appreciation in return.

Forthcoming Ministry trips
• 15th-27th January 2015: northern Uganda with Born Again Faith (leadership training and open air outreach)
• 25th March -13th April: Goiânia, Brazil. Missions Conference with Igreja Amigo Intima; church visits/ministry seminars
• 3rd-16th December: Andhra Pradesh, India, with India Village Ministries

Peter is the key speaker on all these ministry trips. Peter is the key speaker on all these ministry trips.

Any financial assistance with these ministry trips is most welcome as we fund them all. God bless you!

For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth.   3 John 1.7-8


Churches Together in Medway
Director Peter Marchand is the current Chair of Churches Together in Medway. In that capacity he has convened regular Prayer Meetings and Breakfast Meetings for Ministers and Christian Leaders, the annual “Saints Alive” Service in Rochester Cathedral on 31st October, and a hustings in preparation for the Rochester and Strood by-election, where concerns of Christians were put to the prospective candidates.

It was a magnificent privilege and pleasure to welcome
our Patron Dave Bilbrough and his son Dan to lead the praise and worship at Saints Alive, and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali to act as moderator at the hustings.

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December 2014 - February 2015

“Through prayer let us reach people …whom we cannot reach in person.”
A.B. Simpson

Day 1 Finance, accounts and administration: Gillian Marchand
Day 2 Patron: Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for All Nations
Day 3 All Inn-tercessors, sponsors and donors
Day 4 Voluntary Staff member: Evelyn Kusi
Day 5 Trustee: David Hadlum, Chatham Evangelical Church
Day 6 Inn CM: communications, publicity and social media
Day 7 Future: focus, identity, connections and relationships
Day 8 Virtual VOICE: weekly social media posts
Day 9 Uganda Ministry Trip: January 2015
Day 10 Brazil Ministry Trip: March/April 2015
Day 11 Further funding for growth, development and expansion
Day 12 Supporting church: Cuxton Community Church
Day 13 Director: Peter Marchand: vision, finance, health; future
Day 14 Uganda Team member: Erinah Naluuso
Day 15 India September Ministry Trip: thanks and lasting fruit
Day 16 India Ministry trip: December 2015
Day 17 Uganda partner: Milton Ogwal, Born Again Faith
Day 18 Ugandan widow and orphans: Nighty Opio, Jane,
Barbara, David
Day 19 Ugandan student: Walter Olima—future studies/
Day 20 Uganda church network: Berea Christian Ministries
Day 21 Uganda church plant: Bangala (Elim)
Day 22 India partner: Suresh Vemulapalli, India Village Ministries; Roja, Swithin and Sophie
Day 23 IVM church: Narsimpalem; Pastor Yesupadam
Day 24 India Village Ministries: Children’s Home
Day 25 Brazil partner: Roberto Araújo, Katy, Benjamin
Day 26 CTIM: Member churches and organisations; Executive Committee; Chairman: Peter Marchand
Day 27 CTIM Ministers and Leaders Breakfasts and Prayer times
Day 28 Medway Ministers Group: vision and future
Day 29 Ghana partner: Kojo Kyeremateng, Akua, Ama, Nana Yaa
Day 30 Medway Council: Neil Davies, Chief Executive
Day 31 Local Member of Parliament: Rehman Chishti,
Gillingham and Rainham

Relevant question...

What is the role of missionaries in Africa? Is it to Christianise Africa or to Africanise Christianity?

Peter replies with a relevant answer...

Both are somewhat large and inclusive/embracing terms! How do you define Africa? And how do you define Christianity? And missionaries go from many countries, both inside and outside of Africa, to many countries in Africa! So I can only generalise in my reply. A missionary by definition is “one who is sent forth”, from someone to someone else. The original term ‘apostle’ meant the same, derived from the Greek, as opposed to the Latin. The apostle
was not just a representative of the sending party, but was to represent the true image of the one who sent, reflecting their nature and intention. Therefore, if it is Christ who has sent forth the missionary, then he/she should definitely “Christianise” Africa, or wherever Christ has sent them. They will characterise the nature of God the Father who sent forth the great Apostle, Jesus Christ, and of course Jesus Christ who has sent them. Always look for the genuine hallmark – the father –heart of God, and humility. The other purpose of the true missionary is to “complete what is lacking in your faith” (1 Thessalonians 3.10) and to impart something of God in order to establish and strengthen the other party (Romans 1.11). If that impartation is received and worked out in context, then Africa has been Christianised and Christianity has been Africanised.
Churches Together in Medway
CTIM Strood/Rochester by-election hustings
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Candidates at the CTIM Strood/Rochester by-election hustings
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CTIM Prayer for Medway
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CTIM Prayer for Medway
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Peter Marchand


Duncan Cawte
David Hadlum
Edward Wright


Milton Ogwal, Uganda
Suresh Vemulapalli, India
Kojo Kyeramateng, Ghana
Roberto Araújo, Brazil



Reinhard Bonnke: Christ For All Nations

Dave Bilbrough: Songwriter/Worship Leader

Peter Brierley: Brierley Consultancy

Jean Darnall: Jean Darnall Ministries

Roger Forster: Ichthus Christian Fellowship



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