Issue 19 - August 2020

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Welcome to another edition of Beacon News, in which we tell you what's been happening in the Beacon world. This edition is short, but that doesn't mean that nothing much is going on. Quite the opposite, in fact, but attention has been focused on Beacon 2.

In this edition we welcome the imminent first delivery of Beacon 2 Software to the Beacon 2 team, inform you about updates to the Beacon 2 specifications and ask for your help in deciding what reporting is needed in Beacon 2.

We also make a plea for all Beacon users to report problems via the Beacon Help Centre.

First Beacon 2 Delivery Imminent

APT, the Beacon 2 developers, will deliver the very first version of Beacon 2 to the Beacon 2 Project team before the end of August. This version of the software will contain limited functionality and is certainly not ready for deployment to U3As. But this delivery allows the Beacon 2 team to begin their work in earnest of testing and documenting the new system, implementing the support plan, constructing the training catalogue and refining the Beacon 2 rollout plans.

Read more about the delivery and the work that the Beacon 2 volunteers are doing by following the link below.
Read the full story

What Reporting Would You Like In Beacon 2?

The existing Beacon system allows U3As to run some reports , and it allows data to be exported, so that external reporting tools can be used. Beacon 2 reporting will be much better. It will allow U3As to define and run their own reports against all of their data. Such flexibility offers opportunities but should not come at the price of ease of use. Therefore Beacon 2 will include some predefined reports that can be run out of the box.

What reports would you like to see as standard in Beacon 2? Use the link below to discuss Beacon 2 reporting on the user form.

To comment formally email

Discuss Beacon 2 Reporting

Specifications Updated

Several of the Beacon 2 Specifications posted on the Beacon website have been updated, including membership admin and system configuration. These can be identified by their publication date which has been added to the specifications index page. There will be further updates shortly. Please note that the specifications can appear on the site some time after publication as there's a fair amount of reformatting performed manually.

The user forum should be used for discussion of the specifications. Formal comments can be made to

Discuss the Specs

Beacon Help Desk

Most difficulties that people experience with Beacon are easily solved. It's quite unlikely that the problem you're experiencing hasn't already been raised by someone else. The people who'd know that for sure, and who are best placed to resolve your issue, are the volunteers running the help desk at the Beacon Help Centre.

Please make sure that you always use the help desk for any Beacon problem, rather than using informal channels such as a phone call to a supporter. The supporter will be willing to help but does not have access to the large number of problems logged, and solved, by the help desk.

By ensuring that all faults are recorded by the help desk you allow the support volunteers to build up a full picture of the issues faced by Beacon users, allowing them to identify any general concerns or trends which may need software or documentation changes, or the addition of an FAQ.

Visit the Help Centre
Visit the website
Visit the website
Get in touch
Get in touch
Help Centre
Help Centre
User Forum
User Forum
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