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June 2, 2020

The dawning of every new day could be seen as a symbol of God’s light breaking through the darkness and His mercy overcoming our troubles. Every morning demonstrates God’s grace, a new beginning in which gloom must flee. We need look no further than the breath in our lungs, the sun that shines upon us, or the rain that falls to nourish the soil. The mercies of God continue to come to us via a multitude of manifestations.
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What a great initiative.  Our church in Shepparton is one of the churches on this roster, as they join together with other Christian church families to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Social Restrictions Easing...

What will this look like for your church, or small group?  Please prayerfully plan your way forward.  To repeat what has been communicated from our administration before, "We’re entrusting local churches to respond appropriately as rules are relaxed.  Remember, some things are permissible but not everything is helpful."
You can read the recommended guidelines here.

Digital Missionaries

Adventist World Radio is about to launch a worldwide online prophesy series #UBP20 and is looking to mobilise a huge digital task force in a short amount of time.  The initial aim #5Kin5days was way too small!  it is now #10Kin5days and already at just over 9000.

Join this world wide movement.  Once you sign up you will receive daily missions and training that will lead your circle of influence to visit the evangelism series landing page.

Go to to sign up.

Vulnerable people suffer the most in any crisis. Your gift before June 30 can help people like Jodie in Melbourne, Australia, overcome crises today and in the future. Donate today:

Contribute to IntraViCon...

Have you taken pictures that are just naturally linked with a Bible message in your mind?  Or have you read a devotional and it just resonates with something you have photographed?  Please submit your pictures, verses and devotionals here, for inclusion in this weekly email.

Online Study Group Resourse

For an online resource that includes music, a presentation and discussion questions that is updated weekly, go to the Conference Website.  This resource includes icebreakers and challenges and is ideal for a small group, online group or teenage/young adult family.  Check it out and see how you could use it...


This Friday 5th June, 5:08 pm
This Sabbath 6th June, 5:08 pm
Next Friday 12th June, 5:07 pm

Avondale Offering | June 6

Avondale University College needs your help to support students who lose income because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Giving to the Avondale Offering will ensure these students can still afford tuition, textbooks and on-campus accommodation. We seek to transform students who then transform their communities, so retention is important—we can’t afford to lose students even if they’re struggling to afford to stay. Support our economic hardship grants by giving to the Avondale Offering in your church on Sabbath, June 6, or by donating online at or (donations above $2 are tax deductible in Australia). Ellen White valued transformation, too. She described it as the power to think and do and as a gift from the Creator. Giving to Avondale demonstrates your support for her philosophy. Thank you for journeying with us through this new normal.


The act of tithing is an important indicator of the spiritual life. After studying tithing practices in five Adventist conferences on five continents, Rob McIver, an Australian researcher, concluded that tithing is correlated with five other practices of the Adventist spiritual package: (1) daily Bible study, (2) daily time for prayer, (3) opening and closing the Sabbath with worship, (4) regular study of the Sabbath School lessons, and (5) presence at Sabbath School class. It seems clear that all those practices, including tithing, work together to deepen trust in God as well as to increase the connection to Him. The absence of any of them may also affect the others, and might indicate that a dangerous spiritual disconnection is in process, putting the person at risk of spiritual failure and finally apostasy. One of the first typical signs of when a person begins losing trust in God is when he or she stops tithing. They might think: If there is no God in heaven, if the Bible is not reliable, or if He is a weak God, unable to fulfil His promises and take care of me, I need to take care of myself. Why then should I give money to “others”? But for many Adventists, tithing is a practice that regularly reminds them that there is a God in heaven, that His Word is still binding, and that their income should not be taken for granted but should be viewed as part of His blessings. It is a regular reminder that He has dominion over the events of life, that He is the Creator, the Provider, and the Redeemer, and that He is able to do far more than what we ask or think. APPEAL: Have you ever thought that your tithing patterns may reflect your connection to God and your belief in His Word? He invites you to exercise trust in Him by tithing from all that He provides for you. “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (Ps. 34:8). PRAYER: Dear Lord, help us to trust in you more and more, and to believe that our support and provision come from You and not from our money! Bless the tithes and offerings that were brought to You today! Amen!
"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God." Phil 1:3. 
We thank God for you and your consistency in giving your tithe and offerings, supporting our church in its mission to serve and build the Kingdom of God.
Posters which can be used in printed bulletins (when you are producing them again) and on digital screens (when we can again open the doors of our churches) are made available for you to  download HERE.  Please feel free to use them in your digital correspondence with your church.


See above


add new notices here - heading 4 in capitals for headings, double space between different notices.  if there are no new notices for this week, maybe rather than deleting the boxes, just state No New Notices for Week and put the date.  What do you think?
As a service to Church members, we provide notices for accommodation available or accommodation wanted.  To submit an accommodation notice, it must be accompanied by a reference from your pastor or elder.  You can submit here

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Go to the Conference Website for more information

Gilson College Early Learning Centre

Gilson College (Taylors Hill campus) is in the final stages of completing their new Early Learning Centre and would like to invite expressions of interest for the following roles; Educators (Certificate and Diploma qualified) and Teachers (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education).  The focus of the centre will be the provision of education to three and four year old children.  A range of full-time and part-time roles will be available.
Skills and Requirements:
  • Enthusiastic, flexible, reliable and able to communicate well within a team environment
  • Have sound knowledge and commitment to the Early Years Framework and the National Quality Standards
  • Excellent written skills
  • A knowledge of Child Safe Standards
  • Have a current working with children check and First Aid certificate
Expressions of Interest can be sent to Leanne Munchan (ASV ELC Director) at   Adventist Schools Victoria are Child Safe Schools.
Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Victoria) Limited schools are child safe environments. We are committed to child safety and to promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of all children, including children and young people with a disability and additional needs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people, and children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
Previously shared announcements and advertisements continue to be available for another two weeks from when they are first shared.  Don't forget to let us know if you need your announcement repeated after that.

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