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News and Notices - May 5, 2020
When we genuinely love others—without strings attached—we lay the foundations for trust to develop and relationships to strengthen. From those relationships, a window to the God of love can be opened and if those we help peek through that window, all sorts of questions and outcomes are possible. Paul Rubessa
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Starting this coming Friday evening May 8 at 7.30pm

On the brink of a financial crisis... We all just want to get out of lockdown... What does the future hold?...  Is there any hope?...
Predictions of Hope with Gary Webster and Robbie Berghan.
  Hope Channel will be hosting this series starting this Friday evening (link).
Predictions of Hope is the beginning of the Australia-wide evangelistic series, Hope Online, taking place from May.  If you have not yet caught up with what is happening, you can read about it here
Pr Graeme Christian invites all church members to participate.  "It would be excellent if our people are involved in inviting their friends," he said.  "It’s going to be the on-line evangelism event of the year!  It’s definitely worth getting on board."
The Australian Union Conference and Hope Channel have made this invitation easy by providing a number of resources for you to share with others.

Digital Bible Workers Needed

As contacts register to be a part of the Hope Awakens live stream event, their details and watch history will be logged behind the scenes. Automated responses will encourage them to continue watching episodes, to follow along with the study guides and reach out if they need prayer or support.

As contacts progress through the campaign they will be assigned to our Digital Bible Workers based on their location. Digital Bible Workers will then be asked to follow up Prayer Requests Cards and Offer Cards with their contacts via email or text message. This will start building a relationship with the contact and help them to transition into a ZOOM Masterclass or Bible Study at the end of the series.

To sign up a Digital Bible Worker head to:  After you have registered you will receive an email link to the Digital Bible Worker Training at
A DBW Orientation is scheduled for Sabbath, May 9 2020 from 3:00-4:30 on ZOOM link for all registered DBW’s to attend.

Call to Prayer

This type of online evangelism has never been done on this scale in Australia before! We need extra prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as people register and we work to coordinate Pastors and Churches behind the scenes and follow up on contacts.  Please continue to pray that this campaign will have a positive impact!
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We look forward to hearing from you.

Make sure you tell us which church the news and announcements come from and if you are sending photos, we need to know you have told the people in the photos they will be used by the Communications Department on all our platforms.
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Relationship Conversations

Last month, Simon Gigliotti (Greater Sydney Youth Director) facilitated the first of a series of relationship talks aimed to build up our young people who are navigating the season of dating, relationships and marriage.
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Thank You ADRA

The news came through late last week, that ADRA Bendigo had begun receiving calls from the Bendigo Council for emergency pack deliveries.
And the appreciation has begun too...
"Thank you for your quick response to our urgent request for items during this lockdown self isolation period.
Your team has supplied us with the urgent and essential foods and items that has now enabled us not to commute into Greater Bendigo to stock the household with these essential items.
On behalf of my family and I, we appreciate all that you are doing for us, and will advise the Premier and residing honorable ministers of such an event completed by ADRA Bendigo, without tardiness."  
This gentleman is disabled and finds it hard to commute to the stores at the best of times.  ADRA was able to deliver a range of items including toiletries and cleaning products as well as fresh water, and given his reliance on river water this was particularly essential as the river is dirty from recent rains.

You can help ADRA assist those in need, here in Victoria and across Australia, by donating to ADRA where it is needed most.

How is your church website looking?

Our Adventist Media team looks after the local church websites and will be able to assist you so if you need a change email Brett and Dan at: 

A Mothers' Day Message

Today we face life with a new dimension of challenge.  The busyness that we have already experienced has taken us to a different level, a level embracing technology, for the sake of our own connection, but also for the sake of our children’s education.  And for those of us who are living alone, or whose family are not close by, we may be moving into a phase of feeling alone and disconnected from society. 

If we are single, if we are childless, no matter who we are, each one of us has had a mother and therefore can share some experience regarding motherhood. 

So what does motherhood mean to you?  For some it may not be a good experience, making it a very difficult time and for others it may be an amazing time.  A time when we can truly honour our mother’s and embrace this moment.  No matter what motherhood means to you, I have an extraordinary message to share.

God knows you, your experiences and your heart and He only desires your wellbeing.  I believe with all my heart, that as we seek God, He is reaching down to each one of us, embracing us, our pain, our joy, our sadness, our laughter and He turns it all into something beautiful that we can grow from.

It would be futile not to use our journey for the good of others.  It would be futile for our hurts to hurt us more.  God desires to transform all our heartaches into rays of hope, all our painful memories into opportunities to touch other’s lives.  God wants mother’s day to be a day to love the unloved, cherish the uncherished and to remember our mother’s with honour. 

Ladies, together side by side, together with God, we can grow and blossom into everything that God desired us to be.  Have a blessed Mother’s Day, a day when we can recognise and love our mother’s but even more so, a day when we can cherish our Father in Heaven. 

Happy Mother’s Day sisters in Christ!
Tarnya Garner, Womens' Ministries Director

Dear Supporters
We were so disappointed we were unable to attend Camp due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
We hope that you and your families are finding ways to navigate this uncertain time.
Here at Asian Aid we are continuing to support vulnerable children who have also been impacted greatly by the pandemic.  

Thank you for your support.
Ineka Martin
Find out more about AsianAID here

Pavilions Blackburn Lake Update

There are still some apartments available in Stage One as it nears completion.  Find out more here.
Please pray for the Pavilions project as it proceeds through the signing off process with all the relevant entities to obtain the certificate of occupancy.



This Week:  Sabbath 9th May 5:24 pm
Next Week:  Friday 15th May 5:19 pm


9th May
Download the e-Giving app to support your church through your tithes and offerings or visit eGiving online.
Posters which can be used in printed bulletins (when you are producing them again) and on digital screens (when we can again open the doors of our churches) are made available for you to  download HERE.  Please feel free to use them in your digital correspondence with your church.


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Needing help updating your church website?  Our Adventist Media team looks after the local church websites and will be able to assist you.  Email  and Dan or Brett will help you out.



Previously shared announcements and advertisements continue to be available for another two weeks from when they are first shared.  Don't forget to let us know if you need your announcement repeated after that.


First Posted April 28, 2020


The Elder Training videos - “How to Give Bible Studies” and “Organising Baptismal Service” have now been uploaded on for download or viewing. They are a good resource, the videos aren’t overly long, but they are very well made.  And you do not need to be an Elder to access them and learn.


Steve Whitson, Director of Trust Services wants you to know that while he is now largely working from home, he is still available to you for consulting and advice with all matters related to Trust Services.  Appointments can still be made. 
Please contact him on 0423 784 000 to discuss your needs.


Does your church need an email address?  This can be arranged for a minimal fee of a little over $50 per year, which includes maintenance of the mailboxes, backup, anti spamming filtering etc.  If you would like to take advantage of this for your church, please email by May 8 and we will place a bulk order.  (You may however, still arrange for this after this date if need be.)


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, management are continuing to share the benefits of a wholistic lifestyle with the public through a contactless and healthy meal delivery service.
Their goals are to provide helpful and necessary services to their community, to be there for those around them.  They are starting with a meal delivery service to Melbourne's Eastern suburbs.  See what is on offer here.  You can also read more at


If you were unable to attend the Growing Together cohort as they unpacked the six core commitments from the book Growing Together at the Growing Together conference in February this year, and are keen to know more we are making available two things:
1. A PDF copy of the first chapter of Growing Young as a special bonus.
2. A red hot offer on Growing Young!  Currently Growing Young is available as an ebook for only $2.19AUD. That’s a 90% discount!!  (It’s available on both Amazon and Google Play. Go here for Google or here for Amazon.)

First Posted April 21, 2020

Wellness Enhancing Programs - Fee Waived

South Pacific Comprehensive Health would like to support our members and community during this challenging time and will waive the cost for the following resources for the next 2 months (ending May 18, 2020).

1.  Live More Project (10 weeks):  Aims to help people improve their emotional wellbeing from a whole-person approach.  (Normally $75 per person)

2.  De-stress & Thrive (6 weeks):  Exciting new resource to help you develop emotional intelligence and resilience so you can buffer the stress of life. (Normally $25 per person)

3.  Forgive to Live (6 weeks):  Aims to help people free themselves from past hurt and emotions and start living a new life. To order your free workbook complete this and pay $15 for postage and handling.  (Normally $50)

4.  Retirement Ready (6 weeks):  Aims to help people to plan well for their retirement using a whole-of-life approach.  To order your free book complete this link ( and pay $15 for postage and handling.  (Normally $35)

For further information register your interest and indicate if you want to be a partner (host or participant at:


As a service to Church members, we provide notices for accommodation available or accommodation wanted.  To submit an accommodation notice, it must be accompanied by a reference from your pastor or elder.  You can submit here



1 or 2 bedroom unit needed for single male in eastern suburbs.  Phone Peter Harrison on 0429 588 002.


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