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Introducing Infinite Recharge

Watch the game animation for the 2020 game: Infinite Recharge

How to Play

In Infinite Recharge teams are trying to save FIRST City from an asteroid. In order to do this they need to raise the city defenses. This is done by scoring Power Cells in order to energize the Shield Generator. Then at the end of the match teams must go to the Rendezvous Point to turn on the Generator Switch.

Power Cells

Power Cells are 7" diameter foam balls. Each robot can start the match with 3 of them and can hold up to 5 of them at a time. They can be scored in the Power Port. Each one scored in the Bottom Port is worth 1 point, each in the Outer Port is 2 points, and each in the Inner Port is 3 points.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is a wheel (think Wheel of Fortune) which controls the stages of the game. Stage 1 is complete once 9 Power Cells and Autonomous mode is over. Stage 2 is complete once 20 Power Cells are scored during Stage 1 and the Control Panel has been rotated for at least 3 rotations. Stage 3 is completed when 20 Power Cells are scored during Stage 2 and the Control Panel is rotated to a set color.

Ranking Points

Ranking points are used to rank all the teams at an event. They are earned by doing the following:
  • 2 RP - Win a match
  • 1 RP - Tie a match
  • 1 RP - Completing Stage 3
  • 1 RP - Earning 65 points in the End Game
If an alliance earns 65 points on the Generator Switch then they receive a Ranking Point.

End Game

The Generator Switch is bar that robots can hang on at the end of the match that pivots similar to a balance. Each robot hanging is worth 25 points. If the bar is within 8 degrees of balanced then the alliance earns an additional 15 points. Any robot on the ground below the Generator Switch at the end of the game is worth 5 points.
In the photo above R2-D2 introduced the game to us.


Southern New England Advocacy Conference
February 9th & 11th

Northern CT District
February 28th - March 1st

WPI District
March 20th - 22nd

Use Amazon Smile

Many members of the team have been working on a website for all FIRST teams to use. It is called Find Robot Parts and can be found at

The goal is to make it easier to find the part you need without having to visit dozens of different websites.

The team would like to thank its generous contributors:
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