Day One

Welcome to Day One of #SoulCareSeconds! I'm so glad you're doing this five day practice with me. My hope is that these five days together ignites a long lasting practice of finding moments of soul care within our everyday lives. Because it's not true that soul care has to be expensive or time-consuming. It really can be about filling our days with tiny micro practices that nourish, strengthen and care for us. It’s about the healing that comes from pausing for a sacred second.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” -Rumi

Your first #SoulCareSeconds mission is to seek beauty today. I deeply believe that when we simply, yet consciously, notice what we find beautiful, we instantly tend to our souls. There is an undeniable energetic lift that we receive when our spirit resonates with a beauty only it can define. 

You mission, however, is to not just notice, but pause for a moment, soak in the beauty, and document it with your camera phone. Perhaps you notice one thing today, or many. Either way, take a moment to notice the beauty that speaks to you. Thank it for it's resonance, for calling to you, and for nurturing your soul in that moment. These micro moments will add up to a deep well of nourishment, joy, and grace that you can draw from throughout your days. Because beauty isn't superficial. It's the call of our hearts - made visible in our everyday lives. 

I thought I'd share a few of my own #SoulCareSeconds that were inspired by seeking beauty, and the stories behind their meaning. May they inspire you to capture what your soul connects with today. 

I took a moment to snap this shot of being barefoot (bliss) and holding a simple, gorgeous flower that I found at the park. Beauty is whatever we see that sparks joy. It could be a wildflower growing up through a sidewalk crack, or it could be a dozen of perfectly shaped red roses. Your soul knows what it finds to be beautiful. 

I found this leaf on one of my walks and it almost took my breath away. A sign from the universe, perhaps? Either way, it immediately lifted my spirit and gave me a chance to pause and have gratitude for it's sacred offering. 

I was biking through a park with my son, True, when I looked up and suddenly noticed how gorgeous all the greens were. The air was clean, the sun was shining, the trees were gorgeous, and I wanted to capture the beauty of this moment. 

I have a thing for noticing gorgeousness on the sidewalk, thus many of my #SoulCareSeconds include my feet. Ha! Pausing to notice the beauty is in many ways a prayer of gratitude. We're showing up, noticing, and pausing for a moment of breath, grace, and thanks. Our souls thank us, over and over again, each time we give it this simple gift. 

Another feet shot. Sometimes what we find beautiful isn't "pretty" at all. I snapped this photo of some paper pieces that were being swept into the recycling bin. That color. Those tiny pieces scattered everywhere. In that brief moment, it looked like a beautiful little constellation of paper pieces. And my soul thought it was awesome. And so a #SoulCareSecond was born. 


Perhaps seeking beauty for you means capturing colors that delight you, or the way the strawberries look in the office kitchen, or how the light falls on your dining room table, or that amazing sunset. There are no rules here.

The idea is simple: Notice what you find beautiful. Pause in that moment to notice, to soak it in, to let it nourish your soul. It's a micro moment, but mighty in its ability to soothe, heal, and celebrate your soul. 


Thank you! I cannot wait to see your #SoulCareSeconds today.

Please feel free to take as many photos as you'd like. Post one of them (or all of them!) over on Instagram with the hashtag #SoulCareSeconds so that we find one another.

Here's where you can find me this week as I share my own #SoulCareSeconds photos:

If you're not on Instagram, no worries. You can either share your photos over on your Facebook feed or simply do this as personal project without posting anywhere. 

Thanks again for joining. I think this is going to be equal parts nourishing, and a lovely way to connect with others who are also finding ways to tend to their souls amidst full lives.

XO, Kelly Rae

PS: I'll be sending an email each day this week with a new prompt! 

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