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Who Are You Going to Call? Hospital Hostage Hotline 

Tune in tonight, July 11th @ 7:00p.m., to my FACEBOOK LIVE Premiere Video as we discuss with Laura and her team who have helped people across the nation get their loved ones out of hospitals.  

There was a time when a family faced medical emergencies that they met their personal physician at the hospital emergency room and, together, the doctor and family made critical medical decisions based on the medical opinion of the doctor and the informed decisions of the patient. While radical changes have occurred in the medical field in the past 25 years, the true transformation of health care from a benevolent service to a profit making business truly came into focus in the midst of the COVID pandemic. 

Government public health mandates and financial incentives paved the way for hospitals to make a financial bonanza on COVID. Isolating ill patients from their family and caregivers gave medical personal power and control over patients too ill to make medical decisions on their own. Rather than providing informed consent and reasonable alternatives, some medical personnel bullied patients, insisting that they would die if they did not take the medication the doctor prescribed. No alternatives were proffered, even when the prescribed course of action was contraindicated--which also happened to be financially incentivized. 

What would you do if you found you or your loved one held hostage by a medical facility? If, like me, you are foolish enough to think you could just go in and check them out, you would be mistaken. Fortunately, Laura Bartlett and team has gotten together a team of people to help if you face this scenario.  

The first thing the Hospital Hostage Hotline can do is help you to understand your rights -- the right to know the risks and benefits of the treatment offered; the right to alternative treatments, the right to leave a hospital, the right to advocate for yourself or a loved one.  

If you do not have the time or expertise to research all of your options, then know this one thing. A single call to the Hospital Hostage Hotline (888-C19-EMER / 888-219-3637) will get you to the team that can help.  

This is not just a Texas problem.


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