August 2014 (No.VI)

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You may have heard the saying "you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been."  This is sentiment the behind the monitoring system that INOGO is developing with collaborators, which you can learn more about in this month's newsletter.  Also read about JUDESUR and meet Noilyn Ramirez, a leader from Bahia-Uvita.  On behalf of the team at INOGO, we'd like to wish you a very happy (Costa Rican) Mother's Day!

The INOGO team


INOGO Monitoring
In Phase I, as a result of working together, we developed Alternative Futures Scenarios as a tool for INOGO stakeholders to better envision their desired future.  At the end of that process, some of you asked “But how will we know if we’re on the right path, towards the future we want”?  To address this, members of the INOGO team and collaborators have since been exploring what sources of data exist – covering social, economic and environmental issues relevant to the region – to incorporate as part of an INOGO monitoring system that could be run sustainably over time. Read more


“International Airport Project for the South: Context, Perceptions and Perspectives"
One key factor that will influence the future of the Osa and Golfito region is whether the proposed international airport in Palmar will be constructed. Civil Aviation is undertaking a series of studies to analyze the environmental impact and feasibility of the construction of this airport. This INOGO case study evaluates questions that largely remain unanswered: What is the demand for this airport and what are the primary motivations for its construction. Read more

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August 15

Mother's Day (Costa Rica)

Featured Strategic ACtor: Noilyn Ramírez Arias 

Meet Noilyn Ramírez Arias, a strategic actor working in Osa and Golfito 
Noilyn Ramírez Arias has been living in Bahía-Uvita for the past three years and is currently part of the Bahia Ballena Guide Association (ASOGUIBA), where she serves as Treasurer. She also volunteers for the Geospatial Educators Opportunities for Partnership Outreach Research and Training Program (GEOPORTER), and owns her own business called "Costa Rica Culture ToursRead more


Read about what JUDESUR is doing in the Osa and Golfitio region
The Southern Zone Regional Development Board (JUDESUR) is an entity based in Golfito, whose purpose is to contribute to the development of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Its ​​field of activity covers the cantons of Buenos Aires, Coto Brus, Corredores, Osa, and Golfito ... Read more

News & Events

Canton Soccer Festival
I Cultural Campesino Festival “Por la Tenencia de la Tierra”

Pre-Columbian Spheres declared a national symbol

Youth represent Costa Rica in the Beach Volleyball World Cup

Read more

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