December 2014 (No. XI)

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2014 has been a wonderful year of intellectual, organizational, and community growth for INOGO. Our transition from INOGO Phase I to Phase II has enabled us to implement and socialize prior research and studies into projects and pilot programs with local partners, including the Caminos de Liderazgo program, the Educational pilot program, and more recently, a diversified palm pilot plantation directed by INOGO Co-Director Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo. This month, read about the pilot work Dr. Dirzo and colleagues are undertaking in the region, as well as about our Strategic Organization FEDEMSUR and Strategic Actor Dennis Atencio Valverde. Happy holidays and we look forward to a productive 2015!
The INOGO Team


Diversified Palm Pilot Plantation
In late October 2014, INOGO Co-Director Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo and Local Coordinator Diego Garcia Godinez met with various local governmental, organizational, and community members and leaders in Puerto Jimenez, Rancho Quemado, and Río Claro to initiate fieldwork for an experimental African palm plantation in the ACOSA area. The INOGO team was able to present and contextualize the work that was undertaken to support the proposed African palm lab, such as the INOGO Case Study led by Dr. Dirzo of the effects of African palm on biodiversity. Read more 


"Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Osa and Golfito region, Costa Rica"
The Osa Peninsula is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity, more than 50% of the biodiversity in Costa Rica and, in relation to the area it covers, is a region with some of the highest percent of biodiversity in Costa Rica and the world. The region also includes the largest area of continuous tropical forest along the Pacific coast of Central America. As a result, the Osa Peninsula represents one of the last tropical rainforests with sufficient size to support viable populations of representative Central American species of flora and fauna, being recognized since the 1970s as an area of high priority for conservation. Read more

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Dec. 16 

Declaration of Yigüirro as National Bird

Featured Strategic ACtor: Dennis Atencio Valverde

Meet Dennis Atencio Valverde, a strategic actor working in Osa and Golfito 
Dennis Atencio Valverde was born in La Palma, Puerto Jiménez, but was educated in Pérez Zeledón, where he lived for 9 years. He is currently a member of the Puerto Jiménez Guide Association and the Chamber of Tourism. His personal business, Osa Photography, is dedicated to providing photography tours around different sites of interest within the Osa Peninsula. 
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Read about what FEDEMSUR is doing in the Osa and Golfito region
The Federation of Municipalities of the Southern Region of Puntarenas (FEDEMSUR) was created on January 16, 2000 and is conformed by the municipalities of Buenos Aires, Coto Brus, Corredores, Golfito, and Osa. FEDEMSUR promotes the autonomy of local governments and facilitates the financial, technical and administrative strengthening ... Read more

News & Events

International Internship for U.S. – Costa Rica Sister Park Agreement

Open Courses at the University of Costa Rica

The “20X20” Forest Restoration Initiative

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