Client: ALNpet
Project: Website Design

ALNpet came to use for website design but we gave them much more. As a start-up and approaching their first product launch into the pet industry, we helped them define their business framework so they can feel confident about who they are as a business. We also helped develop their tagline, product system name, finalize logo colors, write brand messaging and content for the website. And then we designed their website, full of bells and whistles to showcase their truly innovative products.

Here's three reasons color theory matters in design:

Reason 1: Most design projects begin by formulating a color palette for the job, reaching into the same finite pot of color shades, hoping to seek out a brand-new combination. Since nobody is inventing new colors, it’s up to designers to reach deeper and find fresh inspiration for this critical task.

Reason 2: Color meaning is not universal across cultures. You need to research what colors mean in different countries and also be aware that shades of colors can read differently than its darker hue.

Reason 3: The psychology of color is vital when designing a project. Every color invokes feelings in us that are instinctual. Knowing how color makes people feel can turn a project into a success or a total failure.

Check out the levitating bluetooth speaker by OM/ONE coming out this spring. You heard me right, levitating. The speaker is made up of two parts, the levitating, portable wireless Bluetooth speaker orb and the magnetic base that levitates the speaker orb plus houses a USB port to charge your speaker orb and other devices. You can grab the orb and take it to the beach or take it to another part of your home, and it has 15 hours of battery life. They're accepting pre-orders now and it comes in black or white.


Many people don't know that radishes score top in the non-green vegetable category on the ANDI guide. Never heard of the ANDI Guide? Well ANDI stands for "Aggregate Nutrient Density Index," a scoring system that rates foods on a scale from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content. ANDI scores are calculated by evaluating an extensive range of micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidant capacities. It serves as a great guide for you to make sure your're eating a whole diet. Check out these nine reason to eat radishes, which includes eliminating toxins, relieving indigestion and preventing viral infections. To store radishes, simply cut off the green tops as soon as you get home, give them a good wash and then wrap them in paper towels in an airtight jar or ziplock bag with all the air pushed out. They're remain crisp for a week or more.


Artist: Hot Chip
Album: In Our Heads

I love it when a band can't be categorized in iTunes. London's Hot Chip's past albums have been under everything from Pop to Alternative to Electronic. Their new album, Why Make Sense? is due out this month and their first single Huarache Lights rocks, can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Meanwhile, you can check out In Our Heads and Coming On Strong (check out Take Care, you'll love it's reggae beat). Their music is so original and nothing like you would hear on the radio these days.

What's five times hotter than the sun and capable of sending a DeLorean back to the future? A bolt of lightning, which can reach temperatures of roughly 53,540°F. The sun's surface temperature is just 10,340°F.

But, it's important to realize that the sun's surface is actually its coolest layer. Dive down to its core, and you'd encounter plasma temperatures of about about 27 million°F. Things also heat up just above the sun's surface, as its atmosphere exceeds temperatures of about 900,000°F.

"Power is the rate at which energy is used or transferred," explains University of Washington physics professor Robert H. Holzworth. "So power is energy per second, and the energy per second in lighting can be very high, but it only lasts a really, really, short time, like tens of microseconds. So the total energy isn't like the total energy from the sun, obviously, but the rate the energy dissipates can be very large. It's one of the most powerful natural phenomena on Earth."