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A new season. A new cycle.  A new frequency. A new earth.  Endings and beginnings simultaneously abound as we merge into ONEness: core wounds surface/healings & wholings prevail...karmic creations wither/manifestations of the HEART proliferate as never before...old projects come to completion/new projects finally get off the ground...old relationships fall away/new relationships suddenly appear...all in the name of (right) NOW.  

THIS, my special LOVE Letter recipient, is present-moment/real time-creation...where the past and future converge into ONE. 

As our humanity & divinity conjoins we are no doubt moving thru a strong transition stream incurred from the magnanimous wave of energy that hit our shores in September. And while we experience this never-before-experienced frequency on earth we continue to calibrate our bodies and reorient our focus to the new landscape.  

The topography has yet to fully reveal itself thru our inner sight and yet, there is a growing urgency within to create the put our thoughts, ideas, sacred visions & projects to paper. And immediately so. Even if we are still unsure what that means or how, the clarion call has sounded and there are those who are being called into the game without a moment's notice and with so much to do it seems impossible.  But DO we must.  In fact, we are learning (by DOing) that what used to be impossible by old standards, it is very much possible now....long as we maintain our inner-stillness as the energies accelerate and swirl around us.

Luckily, with the growing urgency to create comes an increasing confidence, courage and the conviction necessary to take the leaps needed to forge radical change in our lives and ultimately the world.  Deep down we are starting to feel the true merit of our worth rising to meet us, right in the nick of the same moment many new options and opportunities open before us. 

In some cases, we are coming full circle...returning to THE place we left off when our awakening was triggered, albeit at a higher level of the spiral, with a whole new perspective and way of BEing. In other situations, we are moving into entirely new life circumstances called into BEing by our soul's true purpose for being here at this time. 

However your true Self & life emerges, realize that the final blood moon closed the door on the old (causal) creation dynamic which means the actual we work with these new energies....has changed. 

Now that we have been reborn into unity, you may be noticing this shift in dynamic and that things don't work like they used to...that the old creation system is dissolving
(think: financial drought) as we collectively materialize the crystal clarity of christ consciousness on earth. If you are stuck spinning your wheels know that in order to access, mold and manifest your creativity in this new energy you must move in order to be moved...that there is no "time" in 5D to support (linear) pre-planning. (To learn more about this new/ancient system of & why it works.....see my revolutionary new e-course offering below.)

New life is calling each and every one of us in our own way.  As you find the courage to come into your own, to heal all separation, to live independently of the external systems that still govern your world in order to create according to your soul's true intentions for being here, the doors to the universe will literally open to you.  

We've certainly been thru hell and high water to bring this energy to the planet but we're here now and I have personally never felt more genuine excitement & possibility about (new) life on earth. Every moment is beginning to feel like one worth relishing in. Every step forward, a reminder that we get to experience it in a brand new way!  


Do you know the fundamental difference between creating in duality versus unity?   

The short answer is LOVE.

The long answer involves transcending separation, moving beyond the Law of cause & effect and into the unified creation system...that which states that there is only a uni-versal response to LOVE.

Yes, that means moving into the true territory of the HEART (!) and remembering how to create what's contained within it.

After the many years of insane inner work required to jump off the karmic wheel, it's time now to put the unified principles of creation in ACTION.

First on the unity TO DO List:

1. Rewrite life-script based on true ME
2. Learn-remember-apply unified creation system
3. Restructure and rebuild life based on above creation system

If you are ready to unlock your ultimate creative freedom, to enact your soul's true intentions to build your life from the inside out and based on the foundational principles of unity...then join us on this exciting journey as we collectively remember, pioneer, ground & anchor the uni-versal creation system on earth. 

Enrollment is OPEN

Thank you, Thank You, Thank you-It feels kind of like a safari where we’re going into a jungle where no one has ever explored before - with you as our brave, trusted leader.  I have so much admiration for your honesty, your openness, your integrity and your bravery for CREATING this adventure.  I have taken a “leap in faith” several previous times in my life - and every time, I fell flat on my face and said Never Again!  But with this course, and because of your precious generosity, I’m actually excited about taking this leap into whatever is to come.  -Patti Groedel, CAL ecourse member


As a result of these new, highly refined frequencies there is currently an internal combustion taking that is building inside of you as the expression of Source itSelf begins to enter the physicalness of this world through YOU.

Yes, YOU are Source expressing as Self...that is the resplendent magic unfolding before you now!

Each moment is yours to seize should you turn your attention to it’s innate power to serve you."  -Pleiadian High Council

The CoCoaching Circle
Monthly Q&A Column

Q:  What exactly do you mean by UNITY?

A:  In short: reSourcing our connection with ALL things.

The highest truth is that All is One. Meaning, there is ONE infinite, unending consciousness that is THE Source of all things. Unity is the state of consciousness that is spurred from our true memory of Home…that is to say, the (visceral) memory of being intimately connected to and with all things on all levels....that which precipitates the true experience of ONEness. Unity consciousness affords us the ability to see through the illusion of separation.

Duality on the other hand, is the state of consciousness that is precipitated from our perceived separation from Source, from the ALL...that which creates a split, or fracture in the mind-body/head-heart system and causes the distinct feeling of being separated from the whole of who we are, and therefore from the whole of creation…the ONE-world being. 

Cosmic Comic Column
written & illustrated
by Norther Keaveny

Cosmic Comic Column

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