Jan/Feb 2019

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Wings & Feathers Newsletter for
Jan/Feb 2019

Important information about what's going on around
Holy Counselor Lutheran Church

Holy Counselor Staff
  Pastor Rev. Christopher Bruesehoff
  Director of Music  June Tarantino
  Office Administrator  Debbie Morris
  Bookkeeper  Larry Polagye
  Custodian  Harvey Kunnemann
Congregational Council
  President                              Matthew Moller
  Vice President Steven Ahrendt
  Secretary Denise Urbaniak
  Treasurer Mark Rossi
  Financial Secretary Sandra Wardell
  Outreach Group Emilie Dupont
  (Parish Activities Team, Membership &  Social Ministry Teams)  
  Nurture Group  Karen Duryea
  (Worship Team,Education Team, Youth Team)  
  Administration Group  Roy Wherry
  (Property Team, Information & Technology Team)  
Then he waited another seven days, and sent out the dove; and it did not return to him anymore. - Genesis 8:12
What is my strength that I should wait?
 And what is my end, that I should be patient? - Job 6:11
But it is for you, O LORD, that I wait;
 it is you, O Lord my God, who will answer. - Psalms 38:15
When the men had come to him, they said, "John the Baptist has sent us to you to ask, 'Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?'" - Luke 7:20
But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. - Romans 8:25

      So I’m not sure if this is now the January/February newsletter or the February newsletter or some hip new hybrid – but it’s what we’re going with right now. Maybe that’s a lesson for us to learn.
The new directory has been delayed as we work to clean up our membership rolls and enter data, the newsletter was delayed as we waited for articles and the annual meeting was delayed as we waited for ice and snow. There seems to be a theme here – wait and delay – over and over again. Like Mary and Joseph waited for the birth of their child. Like the disciples waited for Jesus to tell the world who he was? Like the early Christians waited for Jesus to return?
      It’s easy to feel like time spent waiting is time being wasted. But in most cases that’s not really what’s happening. There is material being learned and tasks being accomplished. We are deep into the Epiphany season and we are realizing over and over who Jesus is for us and for the world. This is time well spent. We aren’t just waiting around for Lent and Easter –we are learning from each other about how Jesus is being revealed to us every day and we are working together to make God’s kingdom a little more real. 
      So don’t fret too much – while it seems like things are constantly being delayed and we continuously waiting for the next step – Jesus is still here, the Gospel is still being preached and we are still making a difference in the lives of people around us.
      I’ll see you, weather permitting, on February 10: worship at 10 am, followed by our annual meeting, followed by a pot luck lunch.
                                                                                                                                            -Pastor Chris

Submitted by Karen Duryea,
Nurture Group Coordinator and  the church office

Sunday School
We had a very successful Christmas Pageant with 17 children participating.
A Confirmation reunion dinner was held on Sunday, Jan. 6. Twenty confirmands and alumni attended this special get-together.
Youth Group
The Youth Group is planning a sleigh riding day, based on snowfall and also a lock-in on Friday, Feb. 15. Please see the weekly announcements for more information on these events.
From the Music Director
Submitted by June Tarantino
Christmas Cantata Concert
The choir did an amazing job at our Christmas Cantata Concert, Journey of Promises by Joseph Martin, which was held on December 22. We had five extra singers and seven orchestra members join us for that concert. The sanctuary was filled with audience members, and refreshments were enjoyed afterward. This annual event draws many community members to Holy Counselor to celebrate the Christmas season with us. I give thanks to all who participated and attended this event.
I would like to thank the congregation for the generous Christmas gift given to me on Christmas Eve. I hope every one of you had a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Submitted by  Emilie Dupont, Outreach Group Coordinator, & the church office

Food Pantry
Our food pantry gave out 25 bags of food in November and December to help the needy in our area. We received a large donation of canned goods from the Turkey Trot Race sponsored by the Vernon Township Recreation Commission.  We are in need of canned fruit and canned stews. The food pantry can always use more items such as Hamburger Helper, soap, shampoo and liquid laundry detergent. Also needed are items for kids’ school lunches, such as granola bars, juice boxes, cookies, crackers, etc. Please be generous and make a note of these items on your next shopping list.
The Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America group at HCLC meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 10 A.M. The next meeting will be held on Feb. 19, at 10am. Contact Marlene Clements at (973) 827-1024 if you are interested in joining!
Outreach to the Homebound
Do you know a member of HCLC who cannot make it to church anymore?  Please let Sandy Wardell know who would benefit from a friendly visit and a CD of our recent church services. Sandy’s cell number is (973) 362-8590.
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Do you know someone who would like a hand-knit or hand-crocheted prayer shawl or lap robe?  There are many to choose from and all have been blessed by Pastor Chris.  Please talk to Adele Huttner if you would like to know how to make one to add to our collection, or if you know someone who would love an extra bit of warmth this winter.
Trash Pickup Fundraiser
The nine adults who picked up trash along Sand Hill and McPeek roads in October earned $500 for our church through Vernon’s Clean Communities Grant.
Oktoberfest/ Auction of the Gifts
We earned $3,657 from our sixth annual Oktoberfest and Auction of the Gifts.  Thank you to the fifty-seven people who attended the event and especially to those who donated items and helped with the Oktoberfest/ Auction, including Nancy Knecht, Denise Urbaniak, Diane and Mark Rossi, Sandy Wardell, Jeanne VonOesen, Dawn McCormick, Steve and Max Ahrendt, Damian Vince, Elaine Kuntz and the Confirmation class.
Fall Giving Challenge and Mission Support
Our fall fund drive (with the colorful autumn leaves on our bulletin board) raised $4,500 for our General Fund. We appreciate all the extra support that people have given in 2018. During Thanksgiving week, we also raised $1,450 for the ELCA New Jersey Synod, half from our mission support drive, and half we matched. This was part of our annual commitment to the Synod for mission support (which funds ELCA ministries across New Jersey).
Soup Fundraiser
We will be holding our annual soup fundraiser in between services on Sunday, February 3.  Stop by and pick up some delicious soup to keep you warm and healthy!  All are welcome to join in the soup preparation on Friday, February 1, beginning at 4:30pm for set-up and cooking at 5:00pm.  Stop by on your way home from work. Dinner and fellowship will be provided free of charge!
If you would like to make some homemade soup ahead of time, we have the quart containers to separate it for you. Please bring the soup Friday evening so we can package it for you.  We are asking for the following items/ingredients to be donated.  You can bring with you or drop off at the church ahead of time. The money from this event will go to the ELCA World Hunger.
Family Dessert and Game Night
Family dessert and game night will be held on February 16 at 7pm.  This is not a fundraiser, just an opportunity for fellowship and a chance to get out of the house during the long winter. Bring a dessert, some friends and family, and your favorite games. All are welcome and are guaranteed to have a good time.
Special Note to People Organizing Fundraisers
Although we are desperately in need of funds, it is important to remember that our fundraising events should primarily be ministries, not just “money makers.” For this reason, we do not sponsor raffles or games of chance, and we encourage events that donate proceeds to ministries outside of our congregation.  Our goal is to promote fellowship and service to the entire HCLC community, rather than just a small group. With these goals in mind, Church Council is instituting a new policy for fund raising events. Before each monthly Council meeting, people planning an event in the next month must complete a form and discuss the event with Pastor. A form can be obtained in the church office. The form will go to Council for approval, and only then will the date and event be entered into the HCLC calendar.  Thank you for your willingness to follow this procedure.
Flower chart
The new 2019 flower chart is now available on the bulletin board in the hallway. Arrangements are $15 each. Please consider placing an arrangement on our altar in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special occasion. Please remember to write the person donating and what the flowers are being given for.
A helping hand is needed. Can you help?
As most of you are aware, Nancy Knecht fell a couple of weeks ago and broke her leg. She will be in a cast for at least 6 weeks and could use some help with meals during that time. A meal train has been set up to help. Go to
. Click on a date or two to bring a meal.
Also Nancy and Bob could use some extra help around the house with shoveling if we get a snow storm. Nancy also needs some help getting down the stairs on her doctor appointment days. They would also love visits from anyone who would like to stop by and just ask to call ahead first. Please contact Aileen Donovan at (973) 670-8065 if you need assistance using the Meal Train website. 


The staff at Holy Counselor would like to thank everyone
 for their generosity to all of us for the holidays.
Pastor Chris
Debbie Morris
Harvey Kunnemann

Samaritan Inn
901 Swartswood Road
Newton, NJ 07860
To Our Friends at Holy Counselor Lutheran Church,
Samaritan Inn would like to thank the Congregation of Holy Counselor Lutheran Church for your recent donation of $720.00 which we received with your blessings on December 30, 2018. We are very grateful that you have chosen to continue your generous support of our work at the Samartian Inn.
Very truly yours,
Dawn Metzger, LSW, MPA
The Annual Congregational meeting will be held on February 10 immediately following our only service at 10am and a shortened Sunday school session beginning at its regular time. There will be a pot luck lunch after the meeting. Please join us as we pray for, consider, and plan the funding of the ministries of Holy Counselor for 2019.
Lillian Theune
Mike Silvestri
Rebekah Bruesehoff
Julieann Meerendonk
Frank Pietrowski
Amy Wengenroth
Joseph Dans
Daniel Seufert
Daniel Harper
Tyler Giegold
Madelynn Faber
Zachary Wengenroth
Joseph Ionta
Richard Heerschap
Morgan Ziegler
Michael Murphy
Harvey Kunnemann
Joseph Faber
Peter Lagas
Julia Loughren
Joanne Shuppon
Jourdan Duryea
Aimee Nilsen
Bryan Bosland
Sandy Laga
Lauren Chiarchiaro
Faith Hartlage
Valerie Seufert
Megan McCann
John Stabrylla
Joan Vince
Nicholas Chiappini
Damian Vince
Sheryl Janssen
George Schreck
Kelley Schofield
Reba MacPeek

Susan & Stephen Jordan

Vincent & Lori Scaffidi

Kristen Laga
Gale MacPeek
Hannah Scaffidi
Kara Urbaniak
Justin Duryea
Katherine Heerschap
Sarah White
Ramona Silvestri
Kyra Stoeckel
Sara Bosland
Corinne Chiarchiaro
Carl Schotter
Nancy Knecht
Jeremy Fitzpatrick
Lauren Schreck
Ryan Dans
Heidi Brig
Leo Brig
Kenneth Seufert
Katherine Hirsch
Caroline Williams
Michaela Woolley
Pete Buist
Brayla Pietrowski
February 2019 Volunteers for Services
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Meeting/Event scheduling: 
All events at Holy Counselor need to be added to the church calendar by the office to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Please let the church office know at least one month in advance if your group or family would like to hold a meeting or event at the church, so it can be entered properly. Thank you ☺ 
 Thrivent Financial
    Lead Financial Consultant: Mark Kleindienst
Combining Faith & Finances to Provide Christians with Advice and Guidance
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