Mar/Apr 2020

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Wings & Feathers Newsletter for
March/April 2020

Important information about what's going on around
Holy Counselor Lutheran Church

Holy Counselor Staff
  Pastor Rev. Christopher Bruesehoff
  Director of Music  June Tarantino
  Office Administrator  Debbie Morris
  Bookkeeper  Larry Polagye
  Custodian  Harvey Kunnemann
Congregational Council
  President                              Margaret Kranz
  Vice President Roy Wherry
  Secretary Steve Ahrendt
  Treasurer Adele Huttner
  Financial Secretary Matt Moller
  Outreach Group Emilie Dupont
  (Parish Activities Team, Membership &  Social Ministry Teams)  
  Nurture Group  Karen Duryea
  (Worship Team,Education Team, Youth Team)  
  Administration Group  Paul Schupp
  (Property Team, Information & Technology Team)  
4For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, 5so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.    –Romans 12:4-5
Lent has begun and we are called to gather together in Christ for the sake of the world. We are called to practice our Christianity throughout our lives – making God’s Kingdom a Kin-dom that brings abundant life to all. I’m sure you’ve got all that under control, right? Maybe not, if we’re honest, probably not. There are a couple of reasons for that though, one of which is our own brokenness; we’re just never going to get it all right one hundred percent of the time. It’s true, you know it, I know it, and God knows it as well. This is why we have the body of Christ to lean on and maybe lean into in our lives.
            A quick reminder, one way we understand the body of Christ is the church. The church (the called, gathered, enlightened, and sanctified body of people who come together in prayer, praise and thanksgiving) is the body of Christ in the world today. You are a part of that body. You are an important part. You are just one part. So when you fail, some other part of the body will pick you up. When you fail, some other part of the body will succeed.  When you are out there in the world filled with the power of the Holy Spirit making the lives of people better, spreading the Gospel, feeding the hungry, healing the sick or whatever it is the Spirit calls you to do – you are doing it as part of that same body of Christ. 
            During Lent we are given an opportunity to practice being the body of Christ is a deliberate and focused way that goes beyond what we do at other times during the year. As we focus on Christ’s journey toward the cross during worship we are called to find opportunities to practice those basic things that Christians have done for hundreds of years: prayer, fasting, and acts of true charity.  Each of these are things that we will probably never get perfect, but we keep practicing, not for ourselves, but because they help us be better Christians in the world. They help us be better parts of the body of Christ. 
-Pastor Chris
PS – If you’re looking for some help finding ways to practice your Christianity this lent, check out these resources:

Sarah Bessey’s “40 Simple Practices for Lent”
The Lutheran World Federation’s “Together on the Way of the Cross”
ELCA World Hunger’s “40 Days of Giving Calendar”
ELCA World Hunger’s weekly email subscription
Free Children’s Devotional “Don’t Forget to Pray (before sleeping, eating, or flushing)!
Free Family Devotional “Lions, and Camels, and Goats! Oh My!”
Luther Seminary’s Devotional “Jesus, Keep me Near the Cross”
Ecumenical Lenten Devotional “Set Free By Truth”
Busted Halo’s “InstaLent Creative Photo Challenge”

Submitted by Paul Schupp, Administrator
I would like to introduce myself. I’m Paul Schupp, the newest member of council and the Administration Coordinator for Holy Counselor. Barb and I have been members of Holy Counselor for about 30 years. Our kids Robert and Amanda were baptized and confirmed here. I’m also a member of the choir.
If anyone is interested in working with the administration, I have team leader positions open, as well needing just plain help in the up keep of our church, and outdoor work. I will have more details on the spring clean-up in the next few weeks. We have a lot of limbs and debris down from the earlier this year that we need to clean up.
Any concerns or suggestions I’m all ears!  I can be reached at
(973) 713-7858 or email me at
Thank you for this opportunity and God’s Peace.

Submitted by Adele Huttner, Treasurer
Thank you to those who attended the annual congregational meeting in January and approved the 2020 spending plan.  As has been the case in past years, this spending plan results in a deficit and was adopted with the faith that we will meet our expenses and continue our ministry to this congregation and to the community at large. Please see the bookkeeper’s recap for January and February which follows my report.
Thank you also, for approving the capital campaign to pay off our mortgage.  That campaign will begin shortly and we ask that you prayerfully consider what you can do to make this a success.  Without the mortgage, our finances will be on much surer footing!
Submitted by Larry Polagye, Bookkeeper
Thank you to all who have been giving regularly or have made an effort to give extra when possible. Our cash flow depends completely on regular, on-time offerings and your diligence and generosity is much appreciated.
At our annual congregational meeting on January 19, the congregation approved a spending plan of $203,808. Reserved funds would be used for $2,015 of this and the rest would be raised primarily through offerings over the course of 2020. What do we need each week to make this possible? The magic number is $3,881. Last year's target was $3,714 so we have a $167 increase. This is from all income sources not just offerings and our income and expenses are not just flat monthly amounts, but this serves as a benchmark for how well we are staying on track. The better we do achieving this, the more successfully we can do our mission to share and serve Christ’s love and bring God’s word to all.
In January we paid all our bills that were due during that month, but had to dip into our reserved designated funds. These are funds that were given for specific purposes or projects that are still pending. Our January cash flow, in other words our receipts, was $4,981 short of what was needed to cover everything we paid. In 2019 we borrowed $2,879 from these funds and are paying it back in 12 monthly installments this year.

We are trailing behind in February as well. This is due largely to income which was 4% lower than expected at the end of January and now has increased to 5% lower than expected. We expect to defer into March, in other words pay late, bills totaling $4,900 and still have a projected shortfall at the end of February of nearly $7000. Please, if you are behind in your giving and have the resources to catch up, NOW is the perfect time to do it. Thank you.
Submitted by Karen Duryea, Nurture Group Coordinator, & the church office
Youth Group News
Confirmation classes will be held on March 8, 29, and April 12 and 26 at 6pm.
Eight 7th & 8th graders will be attending the Middle School Retreat on March 13-15 at Cross Roads Camp.
The Youth group will be helping with the Corned Beef Bistro on March 28.
Sisters In Prayer
Sisters in Prayer began to meet each Saturday in Lent starting on Feb.29, at 9 am. There are folders available in the narthex if you’d like to study independently. If you have any questions see Pam Kucks or call her at 973 277- 9294.
Ecumenical Lenten Service Schedule
3/04…Faith With Love Fellowship Church
3/11…St. Francis de Sales
3/18…Our Lady of Fatima
4/01…Vernon United Methodist
4/08…Faith with Love Fellowship Church
4/10…Good Friday 12 noon service/ HCLC
4/12…Easter Sunrise service 6:30am VUM cemetery field
All services begin at 7pm, unless otherwise stated. Please bring a snack to share at the March 25, service at HCLC.
Maundy Thursday
Maundy Thursday, April 9, worship begins at 6:30 pm. We will share soup, bread and dessert and celebrate Holy Communion. Nancy Knecht will be hosting again this year. Please look for the sign-up sheet for soup and dessert donations in the narthex.
Tenebrae Service
Our Good Friday worship begins at 8pm on April 10. We recall Christ’s sacrifice for us through dialogue, prayers and music performed by the choir.
Easter Vigil
The Easter Vigil will begin on Saturday, April 11 at 8pm and continue to Sunday, April 12, until 6:00 am. A sign-up sheet will be in the narthex. Currently we need someone to host the vigil; if you can help please let Pastor Chris know.
Easter flower forms
Now is the time to place your orders for Easter flowers to beautify the altar for our Easter services. Forms will be available in your bulletins and in the printed version of this newsletter for ordering.  March 29, is the deadline for ordering the flowers. 
Easter Breakfast
We will be holding our second annual Easter breakfast this year between services on Easter morning. More information will follow in your bulletins. We will be using sign up genius again this year as well as a sign up sheet in the narthex. Any questions, please see Karen Duryea or Emilie Dupont.
Easter Food Baskets
We will be handing out donation cards on March 8 for our Easter food baskets for the needy.  All food donations should be turned in by April 5, Palm Sunday. Food distribution is done the day before Easter, April 11 and serves local families in need. If you can help sort food and help contact Valerie Seufert.
From the Music Director
Submitted by June Tarantino
The liturgical season of Lent is upon us. Choir rehearsals are well underway for Lent and Holy Week services. The choir will begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday services, move onto Good Friday’s Tenebrae service, and conclude by celebrating Easter Sunday services. There is quite a wide variety and quantity of music within these services. The choir will be working hard to learn all of the necessary anthems and will be attending extra services on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday to contribute special music to those services. The choir currently has twenty one members, including four of our youth.


Submitted by  Emilie Dupont, Outreach Group Coordinator, & the church office

Food Pantry
Our food pantry gave out 20 bags of groceries in January and February.  We could use more canned stew, juices, canned fruit, syrup and brownie mix and as always, more toiletries, which are not covered by food stamps. 
WELCA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 10am. The next meeting will be held on April 21. There is no meeting in March. Contact Marlene Clements if you are interested in joining.
Outreach to the Homebound
Please contact Sandy Wardell if you know someone who cannot make it to church anymore, but would still like a friendly visit and a CD recording of our services. We can even lend you a CD player! Sandy’s cell number is (973) 362-8590.
Prayer Shawls
A prayer shawl is meant to console the grieving, comfort the sick and give hope to those in despair.  It is also used to celebrate milestones or the beginning of a new chapter in someone's life. Do any of these situations apply to you or someone you know?  If so, ask Pastor Chris or Adele Huttner for a prayer shawl.  It will remind you of the love of the Lord and the people of Holy Counselor, who knit, crochet and give them with love.
Soup Fundraiser
Our annual soup fundraiser on Feb. 2 was a great success!  We sold at least 80 jars of soup and had more than 10 different kinds for sale.  We raised $573 for World hunger and the ministries of the NJ Synod. Thank you to everyone who helped make soup, Kathy Baumann, Margie Kranz, Denise Urbaniak, Diane Rossi, Elaine Kuntz, Emilie Dupont, Aileen Donovan, Nancy Knecht, Liz Walker, Diane Diovisalvo and Wynne White.

Shrove Tuesday Annual Pancake Dinner 
On February 25, forty people celebrated Shrove Tuesday with our annual pancake dinner. The Ahrendt family and Pastor Chris did most of the cooking and planning, along with the Youth Group and confirmation class too. 

Annual Corned Beef  Bistro Night
The Annual Corned Beef Bistro Night will be held on Saturday, March 28, from 6pm-8:30pm.  As always, there will be lots of delicious food including corned beef sandwiches, coleslaw, desserts, and excellent entertainment. Probably the best part of the night is the entertainment, so please sign up in the narthex to bring a dessert and maybe to sing, play an instrument, or do some magic tricks. Tickets on sale beginning March 1, for $10 per person from Kathy Baumann and come have a great time! 
Easter Egg Hunt
Our Easter egg hunt will be held on Palm Sunday, April 5 at 1pm
 for pre-K - 6th grade.  Plastic eggs, non-candy items and Easter candy donations are greatly appreciated! Donation cards will handed out on March 8 for needed supplies. Please put all donated items in the basket located in the narthex. All donations are due by March 29.  This event is organized by Christine Ahrendt, but run this year by Diane Rossi, Emilie Dupont and the Confirmation class.  Please watch the church bulletins to find out how you can help with this popular event that brings many outside guests to our church!
Family Dessert and Game Night
Family Dessert and Game Night will be held on Friday, April 17 at 7-9pm. Emilie Dupont, Diane Rossi and the Confirmation class will organize it, and you do not need a family to come! You can be any age to have a good time!  It is a really fun event, with lots of games to choose from.  Please bring a favorite game, a friend or family member, and a dessert. 
Even if you cannot come, we could use donations of prizes worth a few dollars for older kids and adults.  This is not a fundraiser, just a fellowship event, but we like to have prizes such as candy, flowers, nick-knacks or mugs, gift cards from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, that sort of thing.  Contact Emilie Dupont if you can donate something.

Welcome new 2020 Council Members

We welcome our new member to council, Paul Schupp.
We thank Mark Rossi for his years of service on the church council.
President…Marge Kranz
Vice President…Roy Wherry
Secretary….Steve Ahrendt
Treasurer…Adele Huttner
Financial Secretary…Matt Moller
Outreach Group Coordinator... Emilie Dupont
Nurture Group Coordinator…Karen Duryea
Administration Group…Paul Schupp
Family Promise of Sussex County
19 Church Street
Newton, NJ 07860
Dear Friends,
Thanks to you, your donation of $214 will provide ongoing professional supports, advocacy, case management, life training, food, shelter, and other needed resources to stabilize families. Because of people like you, our agency can further our mission in assisting individuals and families experiencing poverty and homelessness in Sussex County.
Best regards,
Polly Quiles, Coordinator of Philanthropy
Joe & June Ionta

Emma & Pete Buist


Maria Sugar
Logan Seufert
Elijah Bruesehoff
Erin Shane
Jeff Howell
Kayleigh Polizzi
JoAnn Howell
Trevor Porcoro
Amanda Specht
Keri Ann Dalane
Anthony Yezuita
Jennifer Herman
Chase Zickgraf
Katherine Molini
Nicole Herman
Emilie Dupont
Sandy Wardell
Karen McCann
Heather Reginio
Karen Stoeckel
William Theune
Logan Cooke
Zoe Moller
Cariann Munn
Christopher VonEssen      Heather Wengenroth
                                                                    James & Cheryl Dahl
                                                                George & Lauren Schreck
                                                                 James & Ellenette Seely
                                                                    Mark & Pam Kucks
                                                                        Walter & Helen Gratson
Douglas Vince
Jordan Tarantino
Aileen Donovan
Eric Dahl
Lora Urbaniak
Evan Schilling
Carli Williams
Joe Tarantino
Morgan Tarantino        
Bruce Laga
Hannah Vince
Nicholas Schreck
Lauren Emmerich
Kurt Rossi
Stepheni Baumann
Frank Silvestri Jr.
Fred Schoenagel
Max Ahrendt
Renea Rossi
Wesley Sanders
Margaret Kranz
David Rimmer
Marissa Huttner
Joseph Diovisalvo
Oliver Bruesehoff
Gregory Cooke
Michael Deutch
Stephen Baumann
Walter Gratson Kathryn Pietrowski
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Meeting/Event scheduling: 
All events at Holy Counselor need to be added to the church calendar by the office to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Please let the church office know at least one month in advance if your group or family would like to hold a meeting or event at the church, so it can be entered properly. Thank you ☺ 
 Thrivent Financial
    Lead Financial Consultant: Mark Kleindienst
Combining Faith & Finances to Provide Christians with Advice and Guidance
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