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The Right Friends and Wrong Friends
Due to a family emergency, Carrie is unavailable to write. Please enjoy some of her more popular posts from the past! Friends. You may know that I've moved a lot throughout my life. Yet I've been fortunate at each new home to find one or two close friends. Many I've lost contact with, but I fondly remember their names and some of the things we did together. Not every friendship ended well, though. In fact, some splits were downright painful and left me scarred and hesitant to trust again. How can we tell the difference between safe and not-so-safe people around us?

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How Can I Say No?
How many times have you agreed to do something when you didn’t want to? Said yes when you’d prefer to say no. Let guilt rule. Is it biblical to say no?

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At the start of today's post, you will read about a family emergency. The crisis has passed, and I am beginning to write again. Your prayers are appreciated.
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