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Hi BYBers!

We can all relate to being published for the first time (or maybe you are on your way there). Kathleen Sullivan breaks it down with a dash of humor in The Seven Emotional Stages of Getting Your First Post Published.

If you are a freelancer, you may have wrung your hands more than once over the frustrating and sometimes unpredictable ebbs and flows in work. Jennifer Brown Banks shares her tips for overcoming this problem in How I’m Breaking The Freelance Feast Or Famine Cycle This Year (and you can too).

Also new this week is a list many have been asking for. Kate Motaung put together an awesome list of 20 Christian Websites Accepting Writing From Women. There were many that were new to me (both paid and unpaid), and I bet you'll find some new ones too if this list fits your writing style.

As many of you know, I am taking an indefinite hiatus from BYB to spend a little time living the offline life and to evaluate whether I will return, or whether I will pursue other opportunities. I WILL still be supporting my e-course, Submission Savvy for those of you who have purchased or are who are thinking of purchasing it. Many thanks to those of you who have sent well wishes and kind words. I have been overwhelmed with the outreach from BYBers -- though I already knew you were the best!


Recently Added Submission Opportunities
(for a full listing of submission opportunities on our website HERE)

Blue Ridge Country - "Blue Ridge Country is a bi-monthly, full-color magazine embracing the feel and spirit of the Blue Ridge region – the traditions and recipes, the husbandry and farming, the country stores and cabins in the woods, the things to visit and learn about. In short, it is everything that will allow and encourage the reader to “take a trip home for the weekend” even if he or she has never lived in the region." SUBMIT ($ PAID Opportunities)

How We Teach - "For the spring 2017 issue of Creative Nonfiction magazine, we’re looking for original essays about teaching—whether in a traditional classroom or online; in summer camp or college; in preschool or in a prison; in the woods or in a workshop.  We welcome personal stories as well as profiles, and we’re open to a very wide range of experiences and circumstances. Above all, we are looking for narratives—true stories, rich with scene, character, detail, and a distinctive voice—that give insight into what it means to teach" SUBMIT ($ PAID Opportunities - winners and runners up)

The Reject Pile - "The Reject Pile wants to help your humor writing see the light of day. If it makes us laugh, it will probably make others laugh too, and we’d like to facilitate that. The thought of so much humor sitting in digital desk drawers collecting digital dust keeps us awake at night. We want to publish these huddled masses of humor." SUBMIT (unpaid)

Your Workplace - "We’re looking for people to share their experiences – good, bad and otherwise – about work life in Canada, and abroad. Help us set the agenda for healthier workplaces, where employees thrive and organizations soar. You don’t have to be an expert (although we welcome those, too) or an already-respected authority (everybody starts somewhere, right?) to have insight on what makes a healthy, productive workplace— a place where people want to work." SUBMIT ($ PAID Opportunities - magazine)

Beyond Your Blog Hall of Fame - June 2016

Special thanks this month to our team of guest editors Julianne Palumbo, Sarah Clayville, and Michelle Riddell from Mothers Always WriteWork with the Mothers Always Write team to to refine your writing via their individual coaching offering! Contact: Juli at; Michelle at or Sarah at

HUMOR: Why I Stopped Being So Nice All the Time from Rebecca Swanson (Woman’s Day)

NON-HUMOR: No One Tells You How You Are Going to Feel When… from Shelby Spear of (

INFORMATIONAL/HOW-TO: 13 Questions To Ask Before Submitting To A Literary Journal from Erika Dreifus of  (Literary Hub)

REPORTED STORY/ESSAY: What did my father mean to his black male students? Everything. from Shannon Shelton Miller of (The Washington Post – PostEverything)

EDITOR’S CHOICE: A Haunted Storyteller from Callie Feyen of (Off The Page)


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