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Dear Pedal on Parliament supporter,

As you can imagine, it's been a busy few weeks since we announced the POP date - and we've been working hard behind the scenes getting everything organised and spreading the word. As always with POP we've been blown away by all the suggestions and offers of help that have come in - but we still need more! We're told that people don't always know how best they can help us so we thought we'd put together a few suggestions of things people can do, wherever they are, although we're sure there are tons of things we haven't even thought of.

Spread the word

At the moment this is our key priority - people can't come to POP if they don't even know we exist. If you know of a bike shop, cafe, sports club, gym, workplace changing room or anywhere else where people hang out who might be interested in coming to POP then let us know and we'll get some flyers and posters out to you. There are also flyers available to pick up - see this map here . So far we've had people doing everything from getting flyers added to goody bags for a sportive to turning up at University bike days to talk to students interested in cycling, writing and recording songs, and decking out their bikes with laminated POP posters so they can be a mobile billboard.

If you think you'd be able to help with handing out flyers at events like the Red Bull Hill Chaser (12th April in Edinburgh) or regular Dr Bike sessions then let us know - we really need people who can offer an afternoon or so (possibly at short notice) to help with this (and if you hear of any events like these then please let us know, even if you can't make it yourself).

And if this all sounds too daunting and you're not mad keen on accosting strangers, then the handlebar flyers are a much more low key way to spread the word (we've even done a little photo essay to demonstrate how they work )

Organise a feeder ride

POP won't be POP without cyclists - and for those people who don't normally cycle into the centre of Edinburgh, the idea can be a bit daunting (after all, if it was easy, we wouldn't need POP). Plus feeder rides can be great fun. You could encourage people to dress up, decorate their bikes, build in a stop for ice cream (or maybe hot chocolate, if last year's weather was anything to go by) - it's your chance to create a little mini-POP all of your own. Pick a starting point, plan a route, and then let us know so we can add it to our feeder ride list. And don't feel you have to ride the whole way - if you live further afield, perhaps a group of you could get together and pool cars, and then ride in from somewhere that's easier to manage. Then let us know, and we can spread the word further

Sign up as a marshall

Could you be one of the blue-vested POP marshalls who made the last two events such a smooth, safe and friendly day? No experience needed - but you will need to attend a briefing day beforehand, so it might be easier if you're able to get into Edinburgh easily. Other than that, the only qualities needed are a certain amount of unflappability, and the ability to look good in blue.

Help with funding

If all this sounds a bit exhausting, there is always our paypal account - donations are always appreciated and always welcome. The money goes on flyer printing, postage, web hosting and other necessary expenses - we don't need much, but we do need some.

Wild card ...

We're not kidding when we said there are ways you can help us that we don't even know about yet. For instance, we didn't even know we needed a Spanish version of our manifesto and a day later we had one . What other things have we not thought of that you are itching to tell us about - and get done? Who do you know who could help us or add a little glamour to the day? What do you have that will help get us attention and make sure POP is unignorable? The floor is yours...

Just be there

And this is the biggest thing of all. Without the people turning up at the Meadows in Edinburgh on the 26th April, at 12 noon, there is no POP. We'll see you there!

Together we can make Scotland a cycle-friendly country



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