"Whenever you do something, do it as a piece of art. Otherwise just don't do it. Let everything express the creativity of you."

~Yogi Bhajan
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"Creativity is everyone's birthright. It is the the act of living in the here and now, finding what makes you happy, and then pursuing that path or way. It involves discovering what it is that you genuinely love to do, and allowing it to manifest in your life." 

As some one who has worked in the creative industry for most of her adult life, I adore this definition of creativity.

Because it is just so very true! 

Back in the day I had the job everyone dreamed of; I was fashion director of a glossy magazine. Amazing right? not really. Sure I had fun times, styled shoots, sat front row, travelled, stayed in great hotels, got free shoes (okay, so that bit was amazing)…but it all felt very limiting - it felt like I was living in a world where creativity was something that could be benchmarked.

And that didn't sit well with me. Trying to match up to a creative benchmark made me forget how to be myself, I felt disempowered and not really very creative at all. As my 7yo says "Mama, I love art because there are no rights or wrongs"…high 5 that girl!

It was a long (and at times very challenging) road to get where I am now, with many hard lessons learnt along the way. But I honestly feel more creative following my current flow as a mother, yoga teacher and sometime stylist than I ever did when I was Fashion Director of a glossy. I've had to re-write my own inner rule book and instead of trying to actively 'be' things, avoid getting it 'wrong' and trying so hard to be 'right' I am simply focused on staying present, happy and being authentically me.

Creativity can flow through every cell of your body regardless of whether you can sketch a good still life or throw together a fabulous outfit.

Allowing my body to intuitively and spontaneously move through a yoga flow is one of my favourite things to do.

So, can you get on your mat and get creative?

I find it helps to start with either a few cat stretches or a simple sun salute and then just stop thinking and start flowing…it's liberating, fun and your body and mind will thank you for it.

  • Play your favourite music, let yoga be your dance and boogie on your mat.
  • Play to your strengths, start with poses you are familiar with and explore movements within them - e.g.: use different arm variations in your warrior poses
  • Link movements together…the transition is as important as the pose so enjoy playing with the flow from one to the other.
  • Forget 'silly'…who gives a s**t if you look 'silly'? some of the best times of my life have been had looking 'silly'.

Bucket loads of yoga, kicking back and relaxing in the woods, making deep connections, doing nothing, relaxing, laughing, eating amazing food (with quality produce from The Hungry Guest in Petworth)

There are only a few spaces remaining - If you are interested click below for more info - and feel free to forward to any friends.

The retreat venue is called The Green Escape and you can see more about it on their website.

Please join me any of my regular classes where you will experience a dynamic flowing style of Hatha yoga…if you have any questions as to the suitability of the class of you please get in touch - I am always happy to chat yoga!

If you are interested in private, small group lessons or bringing yoga into your workplace the please email me.
LOCATION: Yoga Mila, Godalming
STYLE: This is a dynamic hatha yoga (aka Vinyasa Flow).  Expect to move!
COST: £14 drop in (cheaper packages available on-line)

WEDNESDAY  note - no class 20/5 or 27/5
TIME: 8PM to 9.30pm (term time only)
LOCATION: All Saints Church Hall, Onslow Village, Guildford
STYLE: This is a flowing hatha mixed ability class
COST: £9/class drop in or £50/6 class card

TIME: 9.30am to 11am
LOCATION: Yoga Mila, Godalming
STYLE: This is a dynamic hatha yoga (aka Vinyasa Flow).  Expect to move!
COST: £14 drop in (cheaper packages available on-line)
"To experience true creativity, we must be willing to let go of the results." 

Ouuff…mayurasana or peacock pose. This posture is my nemesis…every attempt it seems impossible, will my feet ever lift off the ground? I feel SO ungainly and heavy and about as far away from the elegant peacock of the name…more like a whale out of water. 

I am well aware that I could put this on my 'never ever gonna do that asana' list - except I don't have one…in terms of asana I'm in for a penny in for a pound.

Patajali states that the asana should be performed with steadiness and comfort. Hmmm…I find it very hard to imagine I will ever feel steady and comfortable in mayurasana. But then I used to think that about paschimottanasana (seated forward fold), and revolved triangle, and camel…the list is long.

There is a fine line in our asana practice between having goals and becoming overly attached to them. Each asana is a journey, and it's my life reflected in those journey's that has taught me so much about myself. I wouldn't have learnt any of those things if I had given up on an asana…I had to struggle through. And yet at the same time I had to relinquish the desire to ever 'master' those poses or else I would come away from each attempt feeling disappointed, or even given up.

Learning more about myself means I stay more in tune with my creativity…do I genuinely LOVE attempting mayurasana? well sure it's bloody hard and it hurts but yes, of course I do! It's fun to fall and not be able to do it, it's fun to grunt and swear and it's fun to laugh out loud and admit its bloody hard! And because in the words of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois:
"Practice and all is coming"

Thanks for reading!…feel free to check out my website. Namaste!