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May 2015
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What Do You Mean by "Cool Energy"?


We hope that spring is in full swing no matter where you are, and that your horses are out and enjoying warmer weather. We continue to receive great questions from customers and have chosen a very common one that we have received by email and at the trade shows we attend.
In this newsletter, we look at what it means to call equinePOWER
a “cool energy” source. There are two ways to look at our claim; a behaviour aspect and a physiological aspect. equinePOWER causes your horse to be "cool" in both cases!
From a behavioural aspect, it is standard industry terminology for a nervous/excited/anxious horse to be referred to as "hot". We all know this does not necessarily have anything to do with heat at all. Excited can be considered "hot” just as calm can be considered "cool". For example, very sugary foods can give humans a sugar high and affect our focus and attention span; therefore very sugary feeds affect a horse in the same way. Because equinePOWER
is a very low sugar feed, it does not cause horses to become "hot" or excited/anxious. A 2009 research study by Rolando et al. found that high fat diets were associated with less intense startled responses in horses (versus high carbohydrate feeds), as well as being associated with a lower stress response to the stimulus. Our customers have consistently echoed these findings by reporting to us that equinePOWER does not make their horses “hot” in any way. By deriving energy from fats and oils versus carbohydrates, we are able to deliver energy without this performance-reducing side effect.
In the physiological aspect, it has been found that high fat diets in horses do not cause a great increase in body heat production. When food breaks down in the mammalian body, just as when gasoline burns in an engine, it creates heat. Each macronutrient in a feed creates a different amount of heat as it breaks down. Fats generate much less metabolic heat than do carbohydrates during digestion, and because equinePOWER
is a high fat, low carbohydrate feed, we consider it to be cool energy on a physiological level when compared to traditional carbohydrate based feeds. This makes equinePOWER an excellent choice for performance horses as they require large amounts of energy, but just as any athlete, must combat increased body temperature during competition. It also makes equinePOWER a great supplement for those of us living in very hot regions as it will contribute far less to heat stress on your horse than will high carbohydrate feeds!
We would like to thank you again for choosing equinePOWER
as your horses' supplement! If you have a burning question that you would like answered or just some feedback on our product, please feel free to submit it to! Your question just might be the topic of a future newsletter!

Question & Answer

Q: Is equinePOWER™ safe for growing foals? 
A: Yes equinePOWER™ is safe for foals and young horses in training. We do not make a recommendation for the amount you should feed, as the goal with foal growth is optimal growth, and not uncontrolled weight gain. Instead, we recommend you contact us or with your veterinarian to effectively add equinePOWER™ into your foals ration.
Q: Does equinePOWER™ contain wheat or corn?
A: equinePOWER™ does not contain neither wheat nor con. equinePOWER™ is formulated using all natural canola, flax, oat hulls and peas.
Q: Is there a way to estimate how much it will cost to ship equinePOWER™?
A: If you visit our online store and select the amount of product that you would like to purchase, simply enter your Postal code or ZIP code and our system will automatically calculate the shipping costs for your order.
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