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March 2015
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Quality Control - The Steps We Take for Your Horses Safety

In our first letter of 2015, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for purchasing equinePOWER™. We would also like to say thank you to those who email us with questions and comments; we do care greatly about our customers and product, and do read every single email we receive. We are always open to answering questions one-on-one from our customers. However, there is the occasional question that we feel is so important to all our customers, that we just need to address it in our newsletters.


As owners, we always look to buy the best quality supplement for our horses, but often when looking at the nutrition labels we can forget to ask ourselves “how safe is this feed for my horse?” We recently received a question regarding the antibiotic monensin which is commonly used in ruminant diets. Horses are extremely sensitive to monensin and even the smallest amount can be toxic to the healthiest of horses. In particular, horses heart and skeletal muscles are damaged first and to the greatest extent. Those horses that survive the intoxication suffer from permanent damage, as damage to cardiac muscle is irreparable.


We would like to reassure you that at O&T Farms, we take every step possible to ensure the quality and safety of our product equinePOWER™ and that our ingredient choices are in the best interest of your horse! We select all natural ingredients and double-check their mixture before processing. We flush out our mill in between batches of feed to ensure that there are no ingredients in equinePOWER™ that do not belong in the final product. Most importantly, animal by-products, medications or antibiotics (such as monensin) never enter our facilities.


With our mills detailed Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point policy in place, along with abiding by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) guidelines on cross contamination, we uphold the highest level of safety for your animal when processing equinePOWER™. Our facilities are also subjected to regular review by the CFIA to ensure our programs and facilities are meeting governmental standards.


We would like to thank you again for choosing equinePOWER™ as your horses’ supplement. You place your trust in us and we wanted to share how we keep your horses safety as our top priority.


We will endeavour to send out a newsletter every 4 to 6 weeks covering relevant topics as requested from



Question & Answer

Q: Does equinePOWER™ contain any molasses or other added sugars?

A: No. equinePOWER™ does not contain any molasses or other added sugars. The minimal sugar content found in equinePOWER™ is naturally occurring in the all natural ingredients that make up the formulation for equinePOWER™.


Q: What ingredient provides the Omega-3 content of equinePOWER™?

A: Flax is the primary supplier of Omega-3 fatty acids in equinePOWER™. Each gram of flax seed contains 22.8mg of Omega-3 fatty acids.


Q: Is the ingredient list and nutritional information of equinePOWER™ available to the public?

A: Yes. Both our ingredient list and nutritional analysis is available on our website at

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