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                                         May 13, 2014

CREECA Outreach

Behind the Headlines: A Look at Global Health

In February and March of this year, CREECA Outreach Coordinator Nancy Heingartner organized a professional development course for high school teachers focusing on topics in global health. The course was sponsored by WIOC, the Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium, of which CREECA is a member.

Twelve teachers from Wisconsin high schools participated in a 6-week professional development course examining facets of global health in regions such as Russia, Vietnam, and Uganda. The topics provided a broad overview of global health today, and in-depth case studies on issues such as women's health and diabetes. Faculty, academic staff,  and graduate students from the University led these discussions. By the end of the course the teachers developed lesson plans based on course content to use in their own classrooms.

Nancy Heingartner, CREECA Outreach Coordinator, said that the overarching goal of course was "to introduce teachers to some of the current issues in global health and to provide them the opportunity to interact both with experts in the field, and also to network with other teachers."
Feedback about the course was enthusiastic. "I love to incorporate public health into my history courses and this mini course served as a springboard of inspiration to further explore this theme," one teacher said. 

The next teacher workshop is titled 'World War I and its Legacies'. It will be held from June 16-20 at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. Registration is currently open at: 


For more information, please contact Nancy Heingartner at 

WIOC extends a very special thank you to all the speakers!
Lori DiPrete Brown, Jessica Mason, Neil Kodesh, Linda Baumann and Richard Keller.

(Photo above: Jane Thompson, of the Janesville Academy for International Studies giving her final presentation. Below: (L-R) Jane Thompson (partial view), Laura Weigel, Kyeong Kim (far back) and Catherine DeBoer during a class session. Photo credit: CREECA/Aparna Vidyasagar)

UW to Welcome Students from Nazarbayev University 

Juniors and seniors from the School of Science and Technology and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University (NU) in Kazakhstan will be in Madison June 11-August 10. As a part of the fourth agreement between UW-Madison and NU the students will take courses during the 8-week summer session and will explore Madison's social and cultural life over the summer.

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons; by ChelseaFunNumberOne)

Congratulations to the Summer FLAS Scholars!

CREECA congratulates the following undergraduate and graduate students who received the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships from UW-Madison for intensive study of critical world languages during summer 2014.

Updates from the Russian Flagship Program

by Laura Weigel
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Russian Flagship Program has received over $265,000 in student scholarship funds from the National Security Education Program, as well as $160,000 in Boren Scholarships made to individual Russian Flagship students. These funds support intensive study of Russian in Russia, and at UW-Madison in summer 2014 and the 2014-15 academic year. Twelve students will use these scholarships to participate in the academic year-long capstone portion of the Russian Flagship program at Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. Nine others were awarded scholarships for summer study in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, or Vladimir, Russia, and six students will enroll in intensive Russian programs at UW-Madison or one of the three other U.S. universities with a Russian Flagship Program. (Read the full story here).


A Round Up of the National Flagship Student Meeting

by Prof. Karen Evans-Romaine

Three Russian Flagship students and one Russian Flagship alumnus appeared at the National Flagship Student Meeting at the University of Maryland, March 3-4, 2014. Although most Flagship programs were represented by two student participants, three were chosen from UW-Madison: Kyle Farrell, Devin Hess, and Azeem Zaman. Next academic year, all three will be participating in the Russian Overseas Flagship program at St. Petersburg State University.  Alumnus Ryan Prinz (Russian and International Studies, 2012), was also in attendance. He is now working at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington and participated in the alumni round-table at the meeting.

Kyle Farrell, a triple major in economics, international studies, and Russian, notes: “Though the chill winds and heavy snowfall of ‘Winterstorm Titan’ prevented many of the slated speakers from attending the conference, the gathering still left a resounding impact on all who arrived.” Farrell reports that students met with hiring managers for federal agencies, learned what skills are most sought after, and engaged in professional development activities including group impromptu presentations, mock interviews, and resume building. 

Economics and math major Azeem Zaman adds that “For many years, foreign language education was essentially grooming students for university positions; the students who took languages classes often went on to graduate school to study the language. The Flagship Program has expanded the types of students who are able to reach very high levels of proficiency in their languages.” History and Russian major Devin Hess writes: “For me, it reinforced why I began to seriously study Russian language. We live in a rapidly growing and diversifying world that is simultaneously becoming much more interconnected. Therefore, be it business or government, the United States is in need of professionals competent both culturally and linguistically in foreign languages.”

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Updates from the CREECA Community

Faculty and Academic Staff
David Danaher (Slavic) was co-editor of the volume The Linguistic Worldview: Ethnolinguistics, Cognition, and Culture, published in fall 2013 by Versita. His book, Reading Václav Havel will be published in early 2015 by the University of Toronto Press and in Czech translation by Prague-based Argo Publishers.

Halina Filipowicz (Slavic) guest-edited a special issue of The Polish Review (vol. 59, no. 1) which will be published in May 2014. Focused on new approaches to Polish literature, culture, and history through the methodologies of gender and women's studies, the special issue showcases latest research by scholars from Britain, Canada, Sweden, and the United States. Filipowicz's contribution to the special issue is the introductory article, "'Am I That Name?' Feminism, Feminist Criticism, and Gender Studies," that charts new directions in feminist scholarship on Polish literary and cultural history.

Scott Gehlbach (Political Science) along with Edmund J. Malesky published "The Grand Experiment That Wasn't? New Institutional Economics and the Post-communist Experience" in Institutions, Property Rights and Economic Growth: The Legacy of Douglass North (editors: Sebastian Galiani and Itai Sened).

Morgan Iddings (Anthropology) received a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowship from the University of Pittsburgh to study Bulgarian this summer.  

Melissa Miller (Slavic) was selected as an L&S Teaching Fellow for 2014. Selection is based on the high quality of her performance as a teaching assistant. Melissa will lead workshops on teaching during Welcome Week.

J.Paul Goode (MA '99, Political Science) was awarded a 2014-2015 Fulbright Scholar grant to conduct research in Russia. He also recently published an article titled, "Legitimacy and Identity in Russia's Gubernatorial Elections" in Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

Victoria Thorstensson (PhD '13, Slavic) will be joining the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University in Astana (Kazakhstan) in the Fall of 2014 as Assistant Professor of World Languages, Literature and Cultures.  

(Image above: Vaclav Havel Source: Wikimedia Commons; Dziennik Dolnośląski nr 38 (105), 22-24 II 1991. Author: Henryk Prykiel)

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