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Hello <<First Name>>,

Are you looking to cut back on your drinking, get married, enjoy life to the fullest or get in shape this year?

A full 45 percent of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions, as per a University of Scranton survey in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, and yet only 8 percent successfully accomplish them. Why?

Because resolutions are often really big and appear unachievable. What we need to do is chunk them down into specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound, or SMART, goals.

That's where coaching comes in. It helps you sort out what you want and need in various areas of your life, come up with a plan of action and have someone hold you accountable in order to accomplish your goals.

So if you want to stick with those resolutions you made, check out my special coaching offer available through January on Facebook.

Interested in the coaching special? Email me at

On Monday nights we are holding a group for Female Fear Fighters.

If you would like to reserve your spot in the group, please click HERE and you will be taken to the payment page for the upcoming session, Feb. 2.

What is the Female Fear Fighters (FFF) group about?

It is a group for women looking to face their fears and move past them by tackling them head-on through a multiple-week coaching course. FFF helps women bust through fears (from public speaking, to applying for a new job, to forming an intimate relationship) that are holding them back from living a life they love. FFF serves as an accountability group for its members.

The group meets every other week from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at 80 East 11th Street, Suite 517 (between University Place and Broadway). It is an open-ended group and costs $40 per session.

See what one current FFF member said about the group:

"Don't be held back any longer. I've taken Lauren's Female Fear Fighters series of workshops twice now, and it's helped me immeasurably. I can point to it in both instances as what has pushed me to the next level of action and willingness to do scary but extraordinary things. It's brilliant, and it's practical. 

In a safe, supportive environment, with like-minded, like-missioned women, Lauren's incisive exercises get straight to the core of what's holding us back. She then gives us various cognitive tools and processes to defang and reframe those unproductive thoughts, which in turn gives us the clarity and freedom to identify and commit to small but concrete, manageable actions to move past those (now not-quite-as-paralyzing) fears. 

Being accountable to (and more importantly, having the loving support of) my Female Fear Fighters group has enabled me to actually take action, follow through, and get moving on things I've always wanted to do but but off because of fear for way too long. It's simple, but somehow, with Lauren's incisiveness and guidance combined with the group's support, it's magic. I went from zero to near-hero (it's a process) in the areas of dating and pursuing my dream career in a surprisingly short amount of time due to Lauren's supportive, smart and pragmatic coaching in these workshops. I can't say enough about it. If you're ready and willing, Lauren and your fellow Female Fear Fighters will get you where you once only dreamed you could be, one manageable, doable action at a time. It's transformative. Thank you, Lauren!"

— Candice S., educator

As a coach, I help people in a group setting or one-on-one who are experiencing a transition in their career or life achieve what they want. I also specialize in life purpose. Oftentimes these are people who are feeling an itch, or a lack of fulfillment in some aspect of their lives. 

Interested in the group? Click HERE to pay for the next session. Contact us to learn more, or check out our website at

Yours in service,
Lauren Elkies Schram is a certified professional life and career coach with Connect the Dots Coaching. Lauren offers individual as well as custom group coaching to help people in transition achieve what they want in life. In addition, she specializes in life purpose coaching.
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