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Howdy <<First Name>>,

I was talking with a client recently about self-care. The discussion got me thinking about what self-care means and why it's important. 

So I looked up "self" and "care" in the dictionary.

Self means oneself or itself; of oneself or itself; and by, to, with, for or toward yourself or itself, according to Merriam-Webster.

Care means effort made to do something correctly, safely or without causing damage; things that are done to keep someone healthy, safe, etc.; and things that are done to keep something in good condition, the dictionary indicates.

My definition of self-care today is taking actions to be good to oneself.

Some people think self-care is about must-dos for physical health, whether it be exercising and eating "well" to achieve and maintain a certain weight or sleeping enough in order to perform at an optimal level.

Others think it's about pampering oneself with manicures and spa treatments.

But self-care, or self-love, can be about other, less tangible things like setting boundaries, being kinder to oneself, eating well purely to feel good, taking care of a long-neglected task, having fun and increasing connections with people you like.

What is the value of self-care? Why should we be bothered making our well-being a priority? Among other things it can help fend off disease, help with stress management and allow for healthy relationships.

What is your definition of self-care? Jot down how you do and don't practice self-care in all areas of your life. What is one self-care activity you can do this week?

Uncertain what to do to up the self-care quotient? Head on over to the blog where you can read "50 Self-Care Strategies for Busy Professionals," contributed by four fabulous busy professional women.

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Connect the Dots Coaching offers individual as well as custom group coaching to help people in transition achieve what they want in life. In addition, we specialize in life purpose.

We are looking to start a Female Fear Fighters group again. 

Female Fear Fighters is a group for women looking to face their fears and move past them by tackling them head-on. In this group we bust through fears (from public speaking, to applying for a new job, to forming an intimate relationship) that hold you back from living a life you love. We will meet regularly and participants will commit to specific fear-fighting actions they will take before the following meeting. 

"Connect the Dots Coaching's Female Fear Fighters group is really helping me look at the negative messages I tell myself and to start questioning and reframing them. It feels like I have a big, dark, tangled Christmas light ball of fear and negativity, and we're trying to separate the strands and straighten them out. The sessions are helpful and enlightening. I'm really glad I'm doing it. Thanks, Lauren!" 
-- Candice S., educator


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