Connect the Dots Coaching talks with a jewelry designer about what it means to live her life purpose.
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We love helping people feel purpose in their lives so we reached out to folks who found meaning and asked them how they found it. In this newsletter, we interviewed a fabulous Brooklyn-based fine jewelry designer who found her calling while on vacation in Brazil. Please read on.

Q&A with Jacqueline Stone, Owner/Designer at Salt + Stone

1. How did you find your life purpose?
I found it because I refused to stop looking for it. I wasn't afraid to leave jobs and try new things even when people told me I'm crazy. Ultimately I found my purpose by traveling overseas to Brazil. I was inspired by the creativity, the love of life and the energy. It helped me discover my passion — jewelry design.

2. What does it mean to you to be living it?
When you are an entrepreneur and are truly successful, you understand that failures along the way are all a part of the process. I've completely run out of money, messed up a project, gotten into heated debates with outside vendors, but all of it is worth it. You just have to ask yourself “What is the alternative?” When you live your purpose there is no plan B. And when in doubt and I'm having a tough day, I just try to get back down to basics and will start doodling designs in a notebook. Design gives me such a sense of joy.

3. What advice would you offer someone who is struggling to figure out their purpose?
Never, ever give up. We are the ones that put restraints on ourselves. For example, what if you found out your passion was to go back to school and finish your degree at 78? We often stop ourselves before we start — “Oh I'm too old. What's the point?” You get to choose your attitude. The path towards getting on track with your purpose is never easy, but it's been my experience that nothing worth having ever is. Work hard, be open and be grateful. Once that happens it's absolutely incredible the opportunities that come your way. Thoughts really do become things.

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