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Howdy <<First Name>>,

I was recently talking with someone about leadership. I was presenting a case for bringing in a coach to help his employees who were ineffective leaders. He didn't buy in, claiming that leaders are born not made. 

He directed me to a book by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani called "Leadership" to bolster his position. So I read it. In actuality, Mr. Giuliani talks about leaders being developed. He says: "Leadership does not simply happen. It can be taught, learned, developed."
--p. xii

Here are what I consider the other key leadership-related passages in the book:

"Much of your ability to get people to do what they have to do is going to depend on what they perceive when they look at you and listen to you. They need to see someone who is stronger than they are, but human, too." --p. xii-xiii

"Leaders have to control their emotions under pressure." --p. xiii

"But as critical as it is to learn from others, much of a leader's approach must be formed from the raw material of his or her own life." --xiv

"The truth is, however, that a big part of leadership is mysterious." --p. xvii

"One of the best parts of being mayor--really, of any leadership role--is getting the change to let people know how much their work means to you." --p.40

"Leaders may possess brilliance, extraordinary vision, fate, even luck. Those help; but no one, no matter how gifted can perform without careful preparation, thoughtful experiment and determined follow-through." --p. 52

"Creating reasons for those who work for you to establish their own culture of preparedness is part of being a good leader." --p. 65

"More than anyone, leaders should welcome being held accountable. Nothing builds confidence in a leader more than a willingness to take responsibility for what happens during his watch. One might add that nothing builds a stronger case for holding employees to a higher standard than a boss who holds himself to even higher ones." --p. 70

"The leader's job is to set the tone and agenda, including specific targets for managers in the field, and to supply whatever advice, encouragement and resources are needed to meet those targets." --p.91

"The first part of choosing great people is to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses."
--p. 101

"A leader wants all of his managers to be strong." --p. 101

"Establishing a dynamic that brings out the best in each player is one of the toughest facets of leadership." --p. 102

"Any leader will have team members with more seasoning than others. The effective leader will encourage such people to impart their wisdom to those less experienced. Talking and sharing advice can do that, but it can be done even more effectively be example." --p.108

"No matter how much success a leader has in hiring, it is still necessary to stoke the fires."
--p. 117

"Making the right choices is the most important part of leadership." --p. 123

"A leader has to be strong enough to make his own decisions, and stick to them even when they're unpopular; but he also must be self-confident enough to solicit opinions and change his mind without worrying that he'll appear weak." --p. 152-153

"Great leaders lead by ideas." --p. 171

"The ideas that form the basis of your leadership can develop in a number of ways. Some come from your parents, as many of mine did. Others derive from friends, teachers, clergy, even rivals." --p. 172

"But a real leader, one who leads from a true heart and honest mind, won't deny an emerging belief simple because it makes him uncomfortable." --p. 179

"A leader must not only set direction, but communicate that direction... He must bring people aboard, excite them about his vision, and earn their support." --p. 184

"The most important element of setting an example isn't attitude or diligence, but performing some of the tasks that you ask others to execute." --p. 212

"True leadership requires choosing, in every instance, the position that allows you to sleep at night." --p. 224

"A leader has to have the confidence to think that his decisions will be proven correct."
--p. 226-227

"Leadership is more important than systems or strategies or philosophies." --p. 302

What do you think? Can leaders be developed?

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