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Newsletter - April 2015


NY State Historic Newspapers
Collections Security Webinar

Kanopy Video Streaming

Phase 3 Ebook Pilot
Library Assessment Webinars

Note on State Budget
NY Heritage Featured Collection

NY 3Rs Association Library Assessment in Action to Launch April 30

Does the phrase “library assessment” send you into a slight (or not so slight) panic? You know that it is crucial in determining how well your library or library system is meeting its mission, goals, and objectives—and in designing effective programs and services.   

A library’s “return on investment” can influence a library’s funding. Academic and school libraries want to know if their investment in programs and services is making a positive difference in student outcomes and meeting researchers’ needs. In the healthcare area, recent research links hospital and health sciences libraries to improved patient outcomes.

Library assessment is not new and most libraries have existing data available to help them. How do you use this data in your decision-making? What data already exists in your library that you can draw from? How do you present this data in a meaningful way to your stakeholders?

Part of the I2NY assessment initiative, the series will feature leading experts on library assessment. It will include general information and “the nuts and bolts of assessment” including survey design, focus groups, data-driven decision making, data visualization, and communicating outcomes. The webinars will run from one to 1.5 hours in length. There will be a “digging deeper” component enabling participants to continue the discussion and learn from each other.  

The learning outcomes for the webinar series include:

  • Obtain an overview of current library assessment practices in different types of libraries.

  • Acquire practical experience in the development of assessment activities and materials though the webinar and the “digging deeper” component.

  • Develop an assessment skill set.

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and continuing professional development.

Participants will register for the individual webinars individually.  

First in the Series: Library Assessment: Why Assessment: An Introduction and How to be Successful

Date:  April 30, 2015, 12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. EST

Presenter:  Denise Davis, Deputy Library Director of Sacramento Public Library, with responsibilities for Collection Services, Facilities, Finance, Information Technology, Communications and the Virtual Branch.

Target Audience:  Librarians and others responsible for assessment.

Registration: Visit to register and view the webinar’s goals.  This is a free program due to sponsorship by the NY 3Rs, but you will need to register to get the link.



Zsuzsa Koltay, Director of Assessment and Communication at Cornell University, will present Communicating the Library’s Value.  Registration is opening soon!


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Note on State Budget

The budget process has come to its conclusion, and thanks to everyone’s tireless advocacy efforts, we have had a very successful budget cycle. Our message that Libraries Are Education, and that library funding should increase proportionately with increases in school aid has been heard loud and clear. Thanks to all your efforts, in this year’s budget, libraries will receive:

  • ​+$5M increase in library aid over the Governor’s Executive Budget, bringing total library aid in FY2015-16 to $91.6M. This represents nearly a 6% increase in library funding over last year - library aid increased at the same rate as education funding! 
  • The increase affects all Library Aid programs, including Coordinated Collection Development, Medical Information Subsidy, Hospital Library Program, and Regional Bibliographic Data Bases.
  • $1.3M reimbursement for MTA Payroll taxes remitted in FY2014-15
  • Permanent exemption from MTA Payroll taxes for public libraries and library systems going forward
  • $14M in library construction aid

Our legislators' strong and ongoing support is needed and very much appreciated! We thank them for demonstrating their support of our libraries! 

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Eight Libraries Partner with Kanopy to Test a Consortial Video Streaming On Demand Service

At the start of the 2014/2015 academic year, eight academic libraries from around the state agreed to pilot a video streaming service in a consortial on demand setting. They are:  SUNY Purchase, College at Brockport, University at Buffalo, Hilbert College, D’Youville College, Niagara University, Trocaire College, and SUNY Binghamton.  With a combined pool of $25,500, the libraries were able to offer to its users the majority of the Kanopy catalog to its faculty and students who are able to view or show any video from the curated collection at any time.  

At the beginning of March, the pool was depleted. During this time frame, 1,563 videos were watched with the average viewing time of 27 minutes.  68 videos were triggered for a 1-year license. 20 of those titles were watched by users from two of the participating libraries, 6 titles were watched by users from 3 of the participating libraries, 1 title was watched by users from 4 of the participating libraries and another title was watched by users from 5 of the participating libraries. After a lengthy conference call,  the participating libraries decided to continue the pilot by contributing more dollars to the pool in hopes that it would last until the end of the spring semester in order to collect a full academic year’s worth of data.

Many felt that with more data, the group would be better able to determine the value of a consortial collection versus a library going it alone. The group will analyze the data over the summer and draft a white paper highlighting the pilot.  

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Phase 3 Ebook Pilot:  Bumps in the Road

In early March, without any prior warning, Wiley decided to pull all of its front list content from on-demand projects using the short-term loan model. Since Wiley content represents the largest percentage of usage by the participating libraries’ users, this action negatively impacted the NY 3Rs Association Inc. Ebook Pilot.  Only Wiley’s 2014 and 2015 content was included in phase 3 so everything in the cooperative collection was front list. Patrons who previously had unfettered access to Wiley content were all of sudden seeing a message pop-up that the title was waiting for authorization before they could access it forcing the project manager to mediate all Wiley titles. Thus, eliminating the philosophy behind on-demand concept.

After a call into Proquest, the participating libraries learned that instead of offering its content on short-term loans, Wiley offered a discount on purchasing the title outright on first use. The participating libraries felt Wiley went against the Proquest-facilitated agreement established in October at the start of Phase 3. After much discussion, the libraries felt it was necessary to pull all of Wiley content from the pilot.  They also felt it wasn’t fair to the other publishers who agreed to the same model and continue to offer access to their content in the established model of using short-term loans to leverage purchasing of content. Unfortunately, one of the libraries felt that this action by Wiley severely limited the usefulness of the remaining content to their users and pulled out of the pilot.

The participating libraries will be reviewing the data over the summer and will draft a summary of the third phase.

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NY3Rs & NEDCC Present
Collections Security Webinar

April 16th, 2015

Providing access to collections and mounting exhibits are great ways to expand the reach and impact of your collections, but also come with inherent security risks. This live, two hour webinar will explore the nature of these security risks; provide guidance for assessing your building, reading room, and storage spaces; and cover basic policies that help protect your collection from theft and vandalism.

Register Now!

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New Additions

The NY 3Rs Association, Inc. announces three new additions to the online New York State Historic Newspapers (NYSHN) project:

The Syracuse Union is a German language newspaper that ran a weekly edition from 1866 to 1941. This newspaper developed out of the Syracuse freie Presse and was very successful in providing information to the Germanic immigrant population of Syracuse and the surrounding area. New York State Historic Newspapers has over 25,000 pages of this newspaper, which were provided by Syracuse University. This is the second foreign language newspaper in the database, along with La-Gazzetta di Syracuse, which was also provided by Syracuse University.

The Rural Times is a newspaper devoted to the farming community of Otego, NY in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This newspaper was published weekly on Wednesday or Thursday under the header "Devoted to local family reading and to the interest of agriculture and farm." This is the largest of a new batch of papers from Otego, NY provided to New York State Historic Newspapers by The Otego Historical Association and the Otego Town Historian, Mary Johnson-Butler. There are over 500 pages of this newspaper in the database.

The East Hampton Star is the current newspaper of record for the town of East Hampton, NY, and has been publishing weekly issues since 1885 to the present day. New York State Historic Newspapers currently has over 2600 pages of this newspaper in the database, from 1918 to 1968. The original masthead of a star, surrounded by rays of light, and the words "The East Hampton Star Shines For All" is still in use by the paper today, and is a signature masthead of the entire series. This paper was provided to New York State Historic Newspapers by the East Hampton Library and the Director, Dennis Fabiszak.



Featured Collection:

Pouring the 200 inch disk at Corning Glass Works


The April spotlight feature for New York Heritage Digital Collections is the Pouring the 200 inch disk at Corning Glass Works from the Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Library at The Corning Museum of Glass.

In 1928, the famed astronomer, George Ellery Hale, had a vision. He wanted to build the world’s largest telescope at Palomar Mountain in California—a research instrument that would allow scientists to view the skies as never before.


The creation of the largest single piece of glass ever made was entrusted in 1929 to Corning Glass Works using their signature Pyrex®. George V. McCauley, a Corning physicist and engineer, set about achieving what engineers at other companies had failed to do: casting a 200-inch mirror blank.


In March 1934, Corning poured a 200-inch disk, but part of the mold broke loose during the pouring, ruining the blank. The second attempt at pouring was successful and after the disk was finished it was taken by train to Mt. Palomar Observatory in California.


This collection is held by the Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Library, founded as part of The Corning Museum of Glass in 1951. The library is a public institution that houses the world's most comprehensive collection of materials on the art and history of glass and glassmaking. The Library Collection ranges from medieval manuscripts to original works of art on paper to the latest information on techniques used by studio artists. More information on the collection can be found here and here.


The Rakow Library at the Corning Museum of Glass is a member of the South Central Regional Library Council


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