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May 2020
A glorious deciduous swamp, full of life - and water lilies.                                      (Credit: Ontario Headwaters Institute)
Update from the Board, by Alex Keenan, Vice President

It’s anything but business as usual, with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to up-end our lives and institutions. That includes many of the tools and processes that our community uses to ensure a clean, healthy, sustainable environment for present and future generations. For example, like many of you, we were deeply concerned to see the Ontario government suspend key rights of the people of Ontario under the Environmental Bill of Rights. As our province and the world continue to change at a dizzying pace, we are always looking for ways to support you in the crucial work that you do.  
The way we see it, this is a key moment in history. We stand at a crossroads: either let this crisis exacerbate unsustainable practices or build something stronger, greener and more just. It’s difficult to imagine exactly how that transformation might play out, but if we all put our heads together we can achieve things that none of us could dream of doing alone. 
OEN is working on new ways to help the environmental community connect and collaborate. Look for our new Zoom webinar series, which will debut in May. We’re also working with the Canadian Environmental Network and our counterparts in other provinces to support the federal government's steps toward a green recovery. Stay tuned for more details as the situation develops.
As always, if you have ideas or projects to share, please get in touch. We here to support and connect you. 

Tell us what you think about OEN Communications

We are not doing the usual this month. No event listings, mostly because groups have hunkered down due to COVID-19. And no member spotlight- because we want to know what you think about that, and indeed all of the aspects of our communication efforts. 

We think they need a refresh- in terms of both design and content- what with this newsletter, alerts, our Facebook page, and now Zoom. What do you find informative? What are we missing? 

In this age of digital communications and sign-on letters to save forests and express concerns about the suspension of the Environmental Bill of Rights, public consultations, and ministry statements of environmental values, should the OEN send more emails to help our members know about and add their voices to these issues? If your group is working on an issue, do you want to use our Zoom and/or ask other members to sign your submission? 

The webinar will have a list of prompts to find out what you see, what you read, and what you like. The webinar will be held on May 25, and you can register via EventBrite at:
Newsletter Team: Brittany Donnelly, Nick Donnelly, Aleks Spasevski, Francine Pauvif, Wendy Thomson
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