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Get involved provincially 

Environmental stewardship organization across the province are deeply concerned about the continued lack of action or outright weakening of safeguards for Ontario’s ecological integrity. The former includes the lack of a climate plan, implementation of the biodiversity plan, and a draft environment plan the government repeatedly tries to pass off as final. The latter includes reduced protection for natural heritage, species at risk, environmental assessment, and more.
As stated by John Lewis, an American congressman who died last week after a lifetime of championing civil rights, “Do not get lost in a sea of despair”. Rather, as he also said, get in to some good trouble.
One way to do that is to make a submission to any of the numerous current postings on the Environmental Registry of Ontario – the ERO. Great leadership on these is being provided by the usual suspects, such as CELA, Environmental Defense, and Ontario Nature, as well as regional groups such as the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition and Save Our Water.
You can find information on some recent postings to the ERO at
Get more involved with the OEN 

As we discuss strategy and collaborate with numerous partners, the OEN also seeks increased member engagement internally. In addition to having purchased a Zoom license, our recent efforts include:
  • A revamped website at , with a new blog, committee pages, and more;
  • A part-time outreach coordinator starting on Monday to help us ramp up our Comms and social media presence; and,
  • Six committees: 3 for improved organizational management and 3 for member engagement, as described at;
These efforts need additional caring and dedicated people. We are looking for volunteers for the three board committees on Administration, Communications, and Funding, especially people who want to consider being on the Board for the coming year. 
And we are looking for both members on the Land Use Planning committee, very active right now as cited above, and for people to help develop the other member engagement committees on Biodiversity and Conservation.
If you are a member who wants to contribute on any committee, let us know. If you are an organization that has let your membership slide, come on back!

Andrew McCammon
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Are you a member yet? Sign-up on our website!
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