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The OEN stands in solidarity with marginalized communities who are being silenced and whose rights are being violated. We cannot protect the environment without addressing social injustices that threaten biodiversity, inclusion and equity. We believe that environment and social movements go hand-in-hand and will continue our work to achieve environmental and social sustainability.

Aleksandra Spasevski
  1. A Global Green Economic Recovery
  2. Meanwhile, in Ontario…
  3. Our resilience is in the Community
  4. Have a Position to fill?
A Global Green Economic Recovery

Many countries around the world are talking about or being actively lobbied to embrace a green economic recovery as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. Key aspects include: In addition, Mark Carney, UN special envoy for climate and finance, has warned that the current global trend to support high-carbon industries and business as usual may severely limit the needed transition to a net zero economy, which he calls the “greatest commercial opportunity of our time”.
In Canada, the federal government has created a green recovery committee of cabinet. The Canadian Environment Network sent that committee a letter, signed by provincial organizations such as the OEN. See the letter here. 
Meanwhile, in Ontario….
We are now in month 20 with a DRAFT Environment Plan, with no commitment to sustainable development nor comprehensive action plan on the climate crisis. More recently, the government has suspended the Environmental Bill of Rights and its requirement for consultation as it issues Ministerial Zoning Orders for normal developments, when it promised it would not do that unless the issue was impacted by the pandemic.
Our resilience is in the Community
In contrast, the OEN knows of several Ontario organizations that are pursuing various aspects of a green or just recovery based on local action. Given the track record of the provincial government, and the nature of services offered by municipalities, we think a large portion of Ontario’s resilience for the future may rest in our communities. We hope to provide a list of local efforts shorty through a member update. In the meantime, if your group is seeking to take action on or wants to support a local green economic recovery, please let us know.  
Have A Position To Fill?
One of our member organizations is Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity (ELB). ELB is an environmental youth network within the province made up of young professionals who are looking to break into the environmental sector and for early career opportunities. If you have a summer position, a volunteer position, or even a board position that could benefit from having input from youth engaged in biodiversity, please contact them at, or join their Facebook page and share your opportunities with the community.
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