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New Board Settling In
Members might like to be know that the OEN’s board of directors, elected in February, has been working hard to address numerous organizational improvements. Following extensive discussion, we have approved priorities for the current fiscal year, especially for improved communications; established a series of committees to better deliver on our mandate, as described below; and will be launching a revitalized website as soon as possible in July.
We hope to increase engagement with the members and are already working, believe it or not, on the next annual general meeting. These are beginnings, not endings, and we will report on more outcomes as the Board continues its collaborative efforts, for which I thank my fellow board members.
Andrew McCammon
  1. Focus on member engagement
  2. Province moves on Growth Plan, and more...
Focus on member engagement
To better serve and engage members, the OEN has struck 3 board committees and 3 member
engagement committees, although there is
obvious overlap. The board committees are Administration, Communications, and Funding.
 Members who wish to volunteer in these areas,
and perhaps grow their involvement in the OEN
for a future term on the board, are welcome to contact us via
The 3 member engagement committees are:Biodiversity, which will also act as a youth intake area; Land Use Planning; and Conservation.
These committees will be described in more detail in pending social media and on the updated website later this month.
Province moves on Growth Plan, and more...
One of the first goals of the Land Use Planning Committee will be to share with the members links to many positive efforts being undertaken by numerous organizations to Build Back Better: focusing on a greener, more socially balanced economy and society as we come out of the pandemic.
In contrast, the Province appears to continue to ignore a low carbon future while supporting urban development for which there is little evidence of need, where population projections are not being born out, and on the backs of both reduced environmental protection and democratic norms.
In particular, the Province has proposed Amendment 1 to A Place to Grow: the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, found at Comments are due July 31 and we understand more is headed our way, perhaps through another omnibus bill.
The new committee pages of the updated website will provide background information to help member organizations understand and potentially participate in these issues. Please look for more information asap, and stay tuned to our social media!
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Keep up to date by liking and following us on Facebook!
Are you a member yet? Sign-up on our website!
Are you a member yet? Sign-up on our website!
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