Bokeh Masters 2015
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Dear Editor,

For a world's first, Trust Your Eyes in cooperation with Photo+Adventure stage the Bokeh Masters. Please find all relevant information about this contest in the following text.
We look forward to your support and a lot of exciting results.

Your Trust Your Eyes & Photo+Adventure Team
Bokeh Masters
…the lens with the most beautiful bokeh 2015

The Bokeh Masters contest is all about finding the lens with the most pleasing and most beautiful bokeh. Aesthetics and the ability to produce beautiful images count more than technical perfection.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and since bokeh as a matter of taste cannot be measured, it spawns many heated discussions.
  • Can we guarantee that our opinion about the bokeh of any given lens is not influenced by the brand of lens, its reputation, or simply the high price we paid for it?
  • Does the bokeh of some especially good shots build your opinion?
  • Is really bokeh the attraction in a picture, or is it primarily the subject itself?
  • How much difference is there in the bokeh from one lens to another, and what is it's influence on the subject?
To find out about all these questions, Bokeh Masters was introduced by Trust Your Eyes in cooperation with Photo+Adventure.

The Bokeh masters contest comes in two waves:
  1. Wave 1 is an online poll: Participants are asked which lens they believe to produce the best bokeh. Poll results will be presented with the ranks. Every participant can enter only one lens – the one they believe to show the best bokeh.
  2. Wave 2 is a live comparison of as many lenses as possible in a standardized Bokeh Masters test scenario. This special setup, designed to show the bokeh capabilities of a lens will be presented for the first time ever on the Photo+Adventure  in Duisburg. Everybody is invited to bring the favorite bokeh lens and participate. Novoflex will provide numerous adapters in order to allow even the most exotic lenses to be adapted to current top of the line digital cameras. Following the Photo & Adventure, all results will be anonymized and uploaded to for the participants to review and now vote on the actual and practical results.
This finally answers a number of questions:
  • Which lenses are commonly attributed as good bokeh performers by enthusiasts?
  • How well does the community rate the lens that is my favorite?
  • Which lens in the blind poll is rated best? Which lens is finally rated best without the emotional influence by price, brand and model fame?
  • Do the praised lenses of the poll in wave 1 really score so well when it comes to a real world comparison?
29.01.2015    Official announcement with all relevant facts about the Bokeh Masters
01.03.2015    Poll begins. Reminder about the poll start and infos to partners and press contacts
03.05.2015    Poll ends
08.05.2015    Evaluation of the poll, publishing the winner(s), first call to attend the live comparison during Photo+Adventure
13.06.2015    - 14.6.2015 Bokeh Masters during Photo+Adventure
13.07.2015    Call for voting on the test images (time frame: 13.7.-20-9.)
27.09.2015    Evaluation and presentation of the Bokeh Masters winners + face to face comparison of the poll winners with the live comparison winners

Wave 1: Poll
On the participants are asked to enter the following information:
•    Email Address
•    Name
•    Lens Name
Every participant can enter only one lens. Submitting a second lens under the same sender email address will overwrite the first vote. The countdown to Photo+Adventure will also be displayed on
After the poll closes, the results and the winners will be published there.

Wave 2: Bokeh Masters held during Photo+Adventure on June 13th and 14th 2015 with the following online evaluation of the resulting images, shot on the Trust Your Eyes test scenario.
Via media partners all readers are called to bring their favorite bokeh lens to the show and shoot test imagery to enter for the contest.
Following the Photo+Adventure the public will be able to compare all images in anonymized side-by-side selection windows on (there will be only one sample of all lens models).

Wave 3: Evaluation and comparison
After the voting window closes, the results will be presented and published. All material generated during the Bokeh Masters contest is available to visually support the results. At this point, the winners will be named and published.
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