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Carey W. King Research Newsletter - October 2015

This newsletter has three topics of note:
  1. My current article in American Scientist magazine: "The Rising Cost of Resources and Global Indicators of Change"
  2. Journal paper and data now available on historical meteorological data across Brazil. These data assist agricultural planning and climate modelers.
  3. Recent news on the topic of U.S. crude oil exports in which I am featured.
The Rising Cost of Resources and Global Indicators of Change
King, Carey W. (2015) The Rising Cost of Resources and Global Indicators of Change, American Scientist, 103 (6), November/December. Online link and as pdficon_small PDF from my website.
The turn of this century saw the cheapest-ever energy and food combined, and here’s why we may never return to those historic low numbers.
"Contemporary discussions of energy resources and technologies are full of conflicting news, views, and opinions from extreme sides of arguments. The average person is understandably confused. Depending on who you listen to, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have either placed the United States on the verge of energy independence, or exposed the insolvency of oil and gas companies as they spend more money than they collect from sales. Renewable energy technologies can either obviously serve all of our needs, or are a subsidized path to economic ruin."  Read more ...

Paper published on Meteorological data across Brazil

A recent paper as part of my Brazil-focused project on the Energy-Water Nexus (water needs associated with Brazil biofuels and agriculture expansion) makes our calculations (of evapotranspiration) and data (precipitation, temperature, etc.) freely available to the public and researchers:

Xavier, Alexandre C., King, Carey W. and Scanlon, Bridget R. (2015) Daily gridded meteorological variables in Brazil (1980-2013), International Journal of Climatology, (article online). See Data Downloads page (of my website) for access to data and supplementary material.

Commentary on the U.S. Ban on Crude Oil Exports
Interview and story on the U.S. Crude Oil Export Ban:  Dr. King is quoted in a recent story discussing crude oil exports (An Industry Divided: Refiners Take On Big Oil In Fight Over Crude Oil Export Ban) and within a radio-spot for the Texas Standard.

Thank you very much for your time.  As always, please contact me for more information about my research program and students! 


Carey W. King, Ph.D., 512.471.5468,,  @CareyWKing
My research and students seek a systems approach to describe the role of energy and energy technologies in our past and future. This approach provides the best way to both address questions about our future economy and environment as well as understand how individual technologies can and cannot affect the macro-scale and long-run trends that will frame our future options. I seek understanding of the relationships among:
  • energy resources and technologies,
  • population demographics,
  • water and food,
  • macroeconomic factors, and 
  • implications of internalizing environmental externalities.
To learn more about Carey's research, visit his website or contact him using this information:
e:      |  web:    |     ph: +1 512-471-5468    |    @CareyWKing
The University of Texas at Austin, 2304 Whitis Ave, C2400, Austin, TX 78712-1718

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