Monster Hunt Activity, 5-book Giveaway, Free Download & Prim's Basil Wrapped Goat Cheese
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Indie Spotlight

Burned (Donovan Circus series) by Liz Long
Your students can ask author Liz Long their questions on Twitter at @LizCLong.

Classroom Activity: Monster Hunt

Time to let the kids loose in the library! 

For this activity, print out a copy of the Most Wanted Monsters list for each student (or each group of students with larger classes). The list is actually a list of books. The student must find each book and determine who is the monster in the book. For most of these selections, the monster will be evident in the text on the back cover. The student who finds the most monsters wins. Answer key is included with the link above.

Tip: Before the Hunt, you will want to verify with the librarian (if it isn't you) that all the books on the Most Wanted Monsters list will be in the library at the time of the hunt and not checked out. The list is provided in Microsoft Word format so that you can edit it to fit your needs. 

Zombie Attack: Have a student that is accelerating through the Hunt far faster than the others? Slow them down with a Zombie Attack. After all, zombies like brains. Announce that the student has been bitten by a zombie and has therefore turned into one. The student must then slow walk like a zombie with arms held in front of them for the remainder of the Monster Hunt.

The great part about this activity is that the students will be forced to read many book covers. Maybe they will find a new favorite in one they would have never otherwise picked up.

If you chose to do this activity, I'd love to see pictures. Send your photos to, and I'll feature your class in next month's e-newsletter!

Free Download

Word Search for Wrong Side of the Grave, Mothman Mysteries #1
  • Page 1 is the reproducible word search
  • Page 2 is the answer key
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Just for opening this edition of Bryna's Literacy Leaders, you have been entered to win the Midnight Guardian Series books 1 through 5. All five editions in this prize will be signed. 

Must open this email by Nov. 15, 2015, be a subscriber to this e-newsletter and have a mailing address on file to be eligible for the prize. One winner will be randomly selected from eligible persons and the prize mailed. Add/update your address here. 

Novel Nom Noms:
Prim's Basil Wrapped Goat Cheese

This is likely the easiest recipe I'll ever post. Use excitement over the final movie of The Hunger Games franchise to your advantage. Mockingjay Part 2 hits theaters soon.

If you remember, in the first book of the trilogy, Katniss's little sister, Prim, had a goat, which proved to be a valuable resource for the starving family. On the morning of the Reaping Ceremony, Prim left a bit of goat cheese wrapped in a basil leaf as a gift for her sister (under a bowl so that the rats and cats couldn't steal it). Why not serve up these easy bundles of goodness for your students? Let them imagine themselves in Katniss's shoes. 
goat cheese
basil leaves

Let's put it together!
Chill goat cheese in a refrigerator for at least an hour. Form into small squares. Take fresh basil leaves and cut off the stems. Wrap a basil leaf around each cheese square and secure with a toothpick. 

If you are really ambitious, you can make your own goat cheese.