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Elliðaárdalur, almost as difficult to pronounce as Eyjafjallajökull, is not an insult in Icelandic, but a valley. And where is this valley? Inside of Reykjavík! It is crossed by a river, the Elliðaá, and goes from Lake Ellidavatn to the ocean.

Elliðaá (Elliðaárdalur)
Elliðaá, Elliðavatn, Elliðaárdalur: a lot of Elliða in this edito...
Cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders can be met there, as well as wild geese, ducks and swans. Not to mention the salmons in the river. A little piece of paradise in the city! Particularly during the first week of May, a fully sunny week. We are not used to it!
All this to wish you a lovely month of May! 

NB: ð is pronounced like the 'th' in "the".

Cédric H. Roserens
May 14th, 2015

Book News

My collection of poems, "Huitante Escales", is on sale.

But, well, it's in French. You better wait a few weeks, as the English version should be soon available on Amazon, hopefully before end of May, more likely in June!

Blog news: to read, every month until end of 2015, a tribute from "A to Z" to one of the 10 cities in which I have been lucky enough to learn a language during the last 10 years:

Icelandic Volcanos

Eyjafjallajökull, sounds familiar?

Too complicated to pronounce for American journalists, it was renamed "E15" because it contains 15 letters after the "E". Eyjafjallajökull is a glacier, though, not a volcano. The volcano that disrupted Atlantic airspace in 2010 is called Eyjafjöll, situated beneath Eyjafjallajökull glacier. A volcano beneath an ice cap, indeed. 

Closer to us, the eruption of Bárðarbunga - in the Holuhraun - lasted six months, from late August 2014 until end of February 2015.

Grimsvötn, meanwhile, located under the huge Vatnajökull ice cap (as large as Corsica), woke up in 1998, 2004 and 2011.

Eldfell and Helgafell
In 1973, on the island of Heimaey, Eldfell erupted and destroyed nearly 400 houses. 

In 1783, the Laki eruption decimated much of the livestock of the island and a quarter of the population, causing a mass exodus of the survivors.

All that to say that in Iceland, the eruptions are very frequent, and we simply wait for the next one, probably Hekla, hoping it will not force us to evacuate the country, but rather be just as pretty to watch from afar or from an air-plane, as it was the case with the Bárðarbunga eruption.

JiBé in Russia

Jean-Baptiste F., aka JiBé, is the hero of my upcoming first novel (publication: 2nd semester 2015). The plot will be spread over 5 continents. The hero is going from country to country, from enigma to enigma, looking for a hypothetical treasure. Each newsletter is an opportunity to interview him in one of the country of his journey... 
Cédric R: Hi Jean-Baptiste, sorry to disturb you between two shots of vodka... 

Jean-Baptiste F: No worries! I am in the Trans-Siberian, I've done the first 288 km. Just 9000 left to Moscow. Kilometres, not shots. Or, well... 

CR: You boarded in Vladivostok? 

JiBé: Yes, I arrived there from Japan... 

CR: Nice program!

JiBé: What about "my" novel? I'm becoming impatient, you know!

CR: Hmm... Yes, hopefully it will be published in French before Christmas, in English next year.

JiBé: Okay, fine. The sooner the better!

CR: Otherwise, is Siberia beautiful?

Full of trees
JiBé: It's full of trees.
CR: OK, have a nice trip amongst the trees, then!
JiBé: Thank you!

E-book E-writer?

If one believes the analysis (in French) of the Nouvel Observateur, the paper book is not going to disappear, despite the flood of e-books. Is e-book too young to put an end to a century-long paper book domination? Not overseas, for sure: the e-revolution is going on, there! Indeed, e-book sales already surpassed those of paper books in 2012 in the United States.

While "Old-Fashioned Europe" is still firmly rooted in the paper era, the e-book market is nevertheless growing, even if it is at a slower pace than in North America. It already offers a nice and cheap alternative to anyone wishing to embark on a career as a writer with a limited budget.

Two Bonuses!

Pico do Fogo from pousada Pedra Brabo
First tribute: to the Pousada Pedra Brabo, a truly magical place, with the Pico do Fogo volcano (island of Fogo, Cape Verde) in the background, a pousada where I had the chance to stay in 2006, a pousada built with carved volcanic stone, but alas, a pousada now buried by the lava from that same volcano, following the eruption that lasted from November 2014 to February 2015.

A pousada is a kind of local bed and breakfast in Portuguese-speaking countries.
Second tribute: to the Icelandic winter that just ended, a harsh winter, with frequent storms (one every three days in average) and many Northern Lights. A "home-made" tribute, published on YouTube:
Other photos of auroras can be seen, and even bought, via my website:

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