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Some notes on tomorrow's contested primary races for state representative and state senate 

With the much-needed reminder that I am not a PAC, I offer my observations on the state representative and state senate races where pro-life reps face challenges tomorrow. These are the folks who won't make it to November unless they get through September 9 first. I'll close out with a shameless plug that'll keep this kind of update going. If you find this useful, use the sharing buttons at the top of the message. 


Tomorrow, September 9, is about more than the "big" races as pro-life reps face challengers

New Hampshire's primary election has some high-profile races, but I have my eye on the ones down-ballot. Some strong pro-life representatives must get past primary challenges tomorrow if they are going to make it to the general election. By the same token, some outspoken opponents of pro-life policy have primary opposition, too.

If you haven't seen a sample ballot for your town, you can get one from your town clerk or download one from the secretary of state's web site. Voters registered as "undeclared" may pick up a Democrat or Republican ballot, but must re-register as "undeclared" before leaving the polling place in order to retain "undeclared" status. (This re-registration is a simple matter of signing a card.)

I offer the following observations and opinions as a solo blogger who is not a "political committee" under RSA 664. 

Primaries to watch in the state senate

One sponsor of the buffer zone law has a primary: Nancy Stiles (R-Hampton) is being challenged by Steve Kenda in the Republican primary in district 24. On Griffin's Law, Stiles voted against restoring the original language of Griffin's Law after it was gutted in the House. Consider that if you pick up a GOP ballot in Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, New Castle, North Hampton, Newton, Rye, Seabrook or Stratham.  

One senator who voted pro-life this year faces a primary challenge. Jeanie Forrester (R-Meredith, district 2) fought the buffer zone AND voted (unsuccessfully) to restore the original language of Griffin's Law. She is being challenged by Tim Condon, who has no voting record of which I'm aware. 

Several strongly pro-life House representatives have chosen to run for Senate and have contested primaries. They are Gary Daniels (R-Milford) in district 11 (Merrimack, Milford, Wilton and Amherst), Jane Cormier (R-Hooksett) in district 16 (Hooksett, Candia, Bow, Dunbarton and Manchester wards 1,2, & 12), and Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead) in district 19 (Derry, Hampstead, Windham). 


"Five for five" In the House

House members had more life-issues votes than senators; I've listed five of those bills below. These are the House members who voted pro-life on ALL five bills and who must win a primary in order to advance to the general election.  
  • Rep. Bill Nelson (R), Carroll County district 5 (Brookfield, Effingham, Ossipee, Wakefield)
  • Rep. David Danielson (R), Hillsborough County district 7 (Bedford)
  • Rep. Keith Murphy (R), Hillsborough County district 7 (Bedford)
  • Rep. Ralph Boehm (R), Hillsborough County district 20 (Litchfield)
  • Rep. Jeanine Notter (R), Hillsborough County district 21 (Merrimack)
  • Rep. Tony Pellegrino (R), Hillsborough County district 21 (Merrimack)
  • Rep. Robert Rowe (R), Hillsborough County district 22 (Milford)
  • Rep. Don LeBrun (R), Hillsborough County district 32 (Nashua ward 5)
  • Rep. David Murotake (R), Hillsborough County district 32 (Nashua ward 5)
  • Rep. Dan McGuire (R), Merrimack County district 21 (Epsom, Pittsfield)
  • Rep. Frank Kotowski (R), Merrimack county district 24 (Hooksett)
  • Rep. Joe Duarte (R), Rockingham County district 2 (Candia, Deerfield, Nottingham)
  • Rep. James E. Devine (R), Rockingham district 4 (Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
  • Rep. John T. O'Connor (R), Rockingham County district 6 (Derry)
  • Rep. Bianca Garcia (R), Rickingham County district 8 (Salem)
  • Rep. Jeffrey Harris (R), Rockingham County district 9 (Epping)
  • Rep. Ken Weyler (R), Rockingham County district 13 (Hampstead, Kingston)
The five bills on which they voted pro-life:
  • HB 1501, strengthening public-health oversight of abortion facilities and requiring providers to have admitting privileges at an area hospital (bill was killed in House)
  • HB 1503, Griffin's Law, a fetal-homicide bill; more than thirty states have such legislation (bill was gutted in House by changing original language; bill was then tabled in Senate)
  • HB 1504, the "All People Created Equal Act", recognizing that life begins at conception (bill was killed in House)
  • HB 1325, legalizing assisted suicide (thankfully, the House killed this bill by a wide margin)
  • SB 319, establishing a no-silent-prayer "buffer" around abortion facilities (signed into law but not being enforced pending the outcome of a lawsuit

Are there other good candidates with competition in the primary?

Yes! Absences from one or more votes kept some reps off the "five-for-five" list. That still leaves some great people in primaries. In my opinion (and that's all this is: my opinion), based on past votes, sponsorship of bills, or other factors such as worrisome opponents, the candidates listed below all deserve to win on Tuesday. With a single exception (Strafford county district 18), the races mentioned here are Republican.
  • Raymond Howard of Alton (Belknap County district 2) is challenging a former representative who was particularly hostile to fetal homicide legislation the last time she was in office. I don't know Mr. Howard's views, so let the voter beware.
  • Rep. Glenn Cordelli (Tuftonboro, Carroll County district 4)
  • Rep. Laurence Rappaport (Colebrook, Coos County district 1)
  • Rep. Gary Hopper (Weare, Hillsborough County district 2). He missed many floor votes this year, but he boasts a 0% rating from NARAL. Good to know in a contested primary.
  • Linda Gould (Bedford, Hillsborough County district 7)
  • George D'Orazio (Manchester, Hillsborough County district 17)
  • Rep. Peter Hansen (Amherst, Hillsborough County district 22)
  • former Rep. Steve Stepanek (Amherst, Hillsborough County district 22)
  • Rep. Jim Belanger (Hollis, Hillsborough County district 27)
  • former Rep. Barry Palmer (Nashua ward 5, Hillsborough County district 32)
  • former Rep. Edith Hogan (Nashua ward 7, Hillsborough County district 34)
  • former Rep. Tim Twombly (Nashua ward 7, Hillsborough County district 34)
  • former Rep. and Sen. Joe Krasucki (Nashua ward 9, Hillsborough County district 36)
  • former Rep. Bill Ohm (Nashua ward 9, Hillsborough County district 36)
  • Rep. Jordan Ulery (Hudson, Hillsborough County district 37)
  • former Rep. Jerry Bergevin (Manchester wards 10-11-12, Hillsborough County district 45)
  • Rep. J.R. Hoell (Bow/Dunbarton, Merrimack County district 23)
  • Rep. Dudley "Dan" Dumaine (Auburn, Rockingham County district 4)
  • Rep. Joseph Hagan (Chester, Rockingham County district 4)
  • former Rep. James Headd (Auburn, Rockingham County district 4)
  • Rep. Al Baldasaro (Londonderry, Rockingham County district 5)
  • Rep. Robert Introne (Londonderry, Rockingham County district 5)
  • Rep. Sherman Packard (Londonderry, Rockingham County district 5)
  • Rep. Dan Tamburello (Londonderry, Rockingham County district 5)
  • Rep. Brian Chirichiello (Derry, Rockingham County district 6)
  • Rep. Bob Fesh (Derry, Rockingham County district 6)
  • Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien (Derry, Rockingham County district 6)
  • former Rep. David Bates (Windham, Rockingham County district 7)
  • Rep. Mary Griffin (Windham, Rockingham County district 7) This one is a defensive choice in a competitive district. Her 2014 votes on abortion facility oversight & personhood were disappointing. However, she got it right on Griffin's Law and the buffer zone.
  • Rep. Walter Kolodjiez (Windham). As with Rep. Griffin, this is a defensive choice. Good on buffer zone, disappointing on assisted suicide.
  • Rep. Patrick Bick (Salem, Rockingham County district 8)
  • former Rep. Jason Antosz (Epping, Rockingham district 9)
  • former Rep. Harriet Cady (Deerfield, Rockingham district 32)
  • Rep. Timothy Comerford (Fremont, Rockingham district 33)
  • Kurt Wuelper (Stratham, Strafford County district 3)
  • Rep. Roger Berube, the only Democrat here (D-Somersworth, Strafford district 18)
  • Laura S. Ward (Plainfield, Sullivan district 1)

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