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It's official: New Hampshire's Executive Council Will Vote Next Wednesday, August 5, On Giving Your Money to Planned Parenthood  

According to the 2014 financial report for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England - a report that is part of Wednesday's contract proposal - PPNNE spent  $998,262 on fundraising last year, $1.5 million on public policy work, and $214,000 on marketing and communication.  Now PPNNE is saying that if the Executive Council doesn't hand over $638,900 of your tax money this week, health care for 12,000 New Hampshire women is at risk.

What does your Executive Councilor think about that?

If you recognize that abortion is not health care and it's time to get abortion providers' hands out of your pocket, speak up now.   Read on for what you can do. The 300-page contract is available in PDF format at this link. The line items I mentioned above are on page 176 of the PDF.

The upcoming Council vote comes within days of the release of a fourth video from the Center for Medical Progress documenting national Planned Parenthood medical staff discussing the aborted-child-body-parts business. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England says that doesn't happen here, while it attacks the people who made the undercover videos.

PPNNE is one of three abortion providers included in Wednesday's contract for family planning services. The providers say the proposed contract is for health care, not abortion. What the providers don't say is that every tax dollar they receive for "family planning" helps cover the overhead for abortion work - not to mention that such grants free up the providers' other resources for things like lobbying against First Amendment rights.


All five Councilors need to hear that being forced to subsidize abortion providers is unacceptable.  


Here's how you can affect the outcome:

  • Attend the meeting and listen to the vote. The Executive Council meeting is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. You can make an impression on the Councilors by your presence. Be aware that Planned Parenthood New Hampshire Action Fund is making a strong push for its supporters to be there.

    • Wednesday's meeting will be at 10 a.m. in the Executive Council chamber on the second floor of the State House in Concord. These meetings typically include votes on many contracts and can last several hours. The family planning contracts that include Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are #18 on the agenda (out of 104 items). Seating is limited but there will be standing room. Parking is always tight and there is construction on Main Street outside the State House; allow plenty of time.

  • It is not too late to contact Councilors. Feel free to contact all the Councilors, not just your own. Messages should be brief and polite. While emails and phone calls are customary, don't overlook social media like Twitter and Facebook. Approval or rejection of this contract is likely to come down to Councilor Sununu's vote. 

  • Share this information with like-minded friends and neighbors

The Councilors and their history (click the links for each Councilor's official page and complete contact information):

About the contract:

  • The total amount of the contract is $1,070,000, divided as follows:
    • Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (Claremont) $253,900
    • Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (Manchester, Derry, Exeter, Keene) $385,000
    • Feminist Health Center (Concord): $179,800
    • Lovering Center (Portsmouth and Greenland): $134,200
    • Weeks Medical (North Country): $117,100
  • The contract was drafted so that all contractors are bundled together:   A rejection of the contract will affect all providers, even Weeks, which is not a documented abortion provider. THIS IS NO ACCIDENT. In 2011, the Councilors approved ten family planning contracts with providers who do not do abortions, while they rejected a contract with PPNNE (which then got federal funds instead). The Department of Health and Human Services structured the current contract proposal to make family planning an all-providers-or-none arrangement. Councilors should tell DHHS to go back to the drawing board.
  • The contract is retroactive to July 1, which explains why PPNNE didn't complain about women being denied health care when the last contract expired on June 30. That particular provider seems to think the deal is done already. 
Please watch Leaven for the Loaf and Leaven's Facebook page for updates and additional information in advance of Wednesday's meeting. 

Thank you!

Ellen Kolb


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