Dear Emerson Community and Friends,
My name is Gloria, I came to Emerson College 8 weeks ago to volunteer my skills as a fundraiser. About 10 days after my arrival, I proposed to the College to focus my work on the Glass Greenhouse Project. Why did I propose that?

I identified two strengths here: the people and the land, launching a fundraising challenge with the community and about a project involving the land, was for me the best way to build on these assets. My assumption was that all the people working, living or being on a regular base at Emerson College, have a special connection to the land and would be happy to share their love for that place. The Garden is part of it and grown biodynamically, it has a direct impact on the special quality of our environment. 
The last month was spent consulting you in order to test-proof this project. It was very helpful and it took a little more time to incorporate your feedback that I had originally expected. Thanks to you, we have changed our vision statement, which you can read on our dedicated website page, on the attached flyer or even listen to the beginning of this radio show to get the latest update. Knowing you better confirmed to me that each of you is able to play a decisive role in this campaign by spreading out the message and helping with fundraising. 

One major rule with fundraising to get support is to ask! So I am asking you if you can support our investment in a glass greenhouse either by donating online or at the reception. Every donation helps, regardless of the amount, as it sets an intention for something new to grow!

Warmest Wishes,
Volunteer Fundraiser

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