News from Sheltering Hands, Fall 2016
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Welcome to Sheltering Hands' Fall 2016 Newsletter. We have had a busy summer as we worked to find homes for many cats and kittens. Kitten season hit us hard and we worked diligently to help as many as possible. Gail and her volunteers did an incredible job. We found homes for 48 cats and kittens in the months of August-October, with a few more pending.

One of our dear older kitties found a loving home last month. Many of you may know Grace. Grace, like many senior kitties, is quiet and reserved. That means they are often over looked. Gail, our adoptions coordinator, has a special place in her heart for our senior cats and her goal is to find loving homes for all of them. One day, it happened for Grace!

Sweet Grace
Grace found her special someone and it was a love match! All of us who work with rescue animals know that sometimes you just look at a cat or dog and you KNOW he or she was meant for you. That bond happens instantly and it feels like you found a missing part of yourself. That magic happened for Grace. All of us at Sheltering Hands send Grace's new Mom our thanks for seeing this dear girl's loving heart. Many wishes for years of happiness.

If you can't get enough of these happy stories, check out our Facebook page for more about other adoption tales with happy endings.

National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart- November 11th-13th

Sheltering Hands is proud to partner with PetSmart in the upcoming National Adoption Weekend, November 11th-13th at the PetSmart on State Road 200, Ocala. We will have many wonderful cats and kittens looking for homes. Our Adoption Coordinator, Gail, has some fun events planned for this special adoption weekend. If you are looking for a new feline member for your family, please visit with us during this special weekend. In addition to the cats we will have at PetSmart, we also have many more in loving foster families and at CoCo's House at our Surgical Center. Give Gail a call at 352-840-0663, option #1, and she will help you find that special furry friend to add to your family.
3rd Quarter Adoption Numbers- From August-October of this year, we have placed 42 kittens, 6 adults, and 1 senior in loving homes, with a few more adoptions still pending.  From initial conversations and application, through the required background check and home visit, our volunteers work hard to create loving, safe placements for our cats. We listen carefully to interested adopters to help create a match that will work for both them and the cat. Thank you to our dedicated adoptions counselors who work so hard to help make these placements.

Board Meeting-November 18th at 5:30

Let the Meeting Begin!

Our Board meeting  will be in the Tuxe Center at our Surgical Center on US Highway 27. Everyone is invited to attend.
Fall Garage Sale- Update - From Dr. Fleck- “Thanks to all who helped make for another successful yard sale. With the donations and volunteer time both pre sale and on sale day we raised $985.48 the day of the sale. There was also a variety of donations which will add to our inventory in the gift shop and at least another $50 of items which will be sold through other avenues after sale day. We also had several people who said they will be willing to help in various roles on our next sale. (Spring 2017 most likely)
It could have been a bit cooler, but at least it didn't rain us out! Special thanks to Rita for helping all day pre-sale set up and with her family for coming back to help with tear down at the end of the sale. 
Thank you all.”

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Sheltering Hands Care Giver Training- November 5th

Our next Community Cats Care Giver training will be held on Saturday, November 5th from 3-5pm. All individuals who want to use our Community Cats TNR services must attend a training meeting before they can register to have their cats spayed or neutered. The Care Giver Training will be held in the Tuxe Center at our Surgical Center on US Highway 27. For more information and/or to reserve a spot in the training, please call Susan at (352)840-0663, option #2.

The upcoming holidays are usually exciting and fun filled times for us humans. However, they can be stressful and even deadly for our companion animals. Below you will find some tips to help both you and your pets have a great holiday season. As always, if you have questions or concerns, contact your pet's veterinarian.

Holiday Tips for your Feline Friends

  1. Kitty Safe Space- Set up a quiet space that you can put your cat(s) in where they will feel safe and secure. It is important to introduce them to this room/space BEFORE holiday guests arrive. Ideally,  this should be a space they feel very comfortable in. The room should have sleeping and hiding spaces as well as food, water, litter box and toys. A favorite blanket or towel can help.
  2. Escape Artist- Be sure your cat is microchipped and that you have a good picture of him/her BEFORE the holidays. Cats will often dash out an open door when strangers arrive. It is normal to greet people at the door and that brief time allows kitty to escape the new people. It is much safer to put kitty in an area away from the front door while guests are coming and going.
  3. Kids and Cats- Many children love cats, but cats can be overwhelmed by the squeals of delight and the quick hands reaching out for them. Let guests know if pets will be around and take a few minutes to show children how to best interact with your cat(s) or to leave them alone if they do not want to be petted. In general, very few cats can deal with lots of children they don’t know around them.
  4. Coats and soft items- That lovely new cashmere coat may seem just perfect to its owner, but your stressed cat may think it needs a “little something”.  To protect your guests’ belongings, keep them out of reach of your cat.
  5. The regular please- Keeping your cat on his or her regular diet will help them better cope with the holiday stress. This is NOT the time to introduce new foods or to be “nice” to your cat and give them a miniature turkey dinner. If you have any questions about your cat’s diet, be sure to speak with your cat’s veterinarian.
  6. Candle caution- Many people love using candles at the holidays. Be aware that many inexpensive candles use a petroleum base and when it burns it emits fumes that are not healthy for you or your cats. Another danger is that candles can be knocked over by a curious or scared kitty. You may want to consider some of the newer LCD candles that “burn” without fumes or heat.
  7. Flowers and plants- We love them, pets are often sickened or poisoned by them. Be aware that many common holiday plants are toxic to pets and keep them out of reach.
  8. Pet Mix Up- Many people like to travel with their pets and most people think their pets will get along with other pets. If your cat does know the dog or cat in question and has gotten along fine in the past, great. However, the holidays are not the best time to try and start a new feline friendship.
  9. Perfect as I am- Most cats DO NOT like to wear costumes. You may want to take a picture of your cat in a little Pilgrim hat, but if he or she does not want to, please respect your cat’s feelings.
  10. Ask the expert- As always, if you have any concerns or questions about how to help your cat have the best and safest holiday possible, be sure to speak with your cat’s vet. They know your cat and how to best keep him or her safe and healthy.

From all of us at Sheltering Hands, may you have a wonderful holiday season and a great start to your New Year.

Do You Have Some Time to Share with a Cat in Need?


We invite you to join us in our mission. Whether you have an hour or several hours, we have a place for you and would love to speak with you about our many volunteer opportunities. To reach our volunteer coordinator, please call 352-840-0663 and press option #5. Here are a few places we could really use some help-

  • Staffing of our gift shop at our surgical center- Wednesdays
  • Socializing at CoCo's House, any week day
  • Cat Care at CoCo's House on weekends
  • TNR help on surgery days, training provided (especially Fridays and Saturday or Sunday)
  • Volunteer Coordinator- use your administrative skills to develop and improve our volunteer efforts
  • Communications- Do you like creating newsletters and keeping everyone up to date on events? Do you have computer, internet and word publishing skills? We would love to speak with you about ways you can help improve our communications efforts.
  • Secretary- Our Board is looking for an individual to  prepare and send out the agenda and Board packet for the monthly meeting and record the minutes of the meeting.

Our mission statement- “Improving the lives of cats through humane care, spay/neuter, adoptions, education and support services.”

Are you getting our website news posts? If not, please head to our website ( see the link below) and sign up at the bottom of the  home page on our website. Two or three times a month we will send out a short post to share events and information.

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